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    Default CN Rooms in Building 9

    Quick question, what room categories are in building 9 (nearest nude beach)? We will provide a reason for the question when we post a quick review of our latest trip to CSA— which was great, but has made us thinking about CN.

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    Found our answer on the website, should have looked there first before posting.

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    All room categories are in building 9.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    When and where is the review going to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    All room categories are in building 9.
    Actually, it is everything EXCEPT Deluxe Garden.

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    We will try to get a review posted real soon (will put it in the main forum area). Stay was from 12/27-1/5.

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    Building 9 is our favorite, we like that end of the resort. 2 stays in building 9 and decent views of the ocean from that building but not what I would call Ocean Front. They could put you at the far end of the building away from the ocean and your view would be even more limited. If you are on the first floor of the buildings then you could have a real limited view because of vegetation.

    Our first stay was building 1 Deluxe Ocean 2nd floor with limited view, 2nd stay was building 2 or 3 Garden and no view. Last 2 stays were building 9

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    Thanks for the information. We will request that building and see what happens. We are looking forward to our first stay at CN, even after all the stays at Swept Away.

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    We just stayed at CN this fall after multiple trips to CSA. We were hoping to find out which was "best". We are now torn, we have likes and dislikes about each. $ are making hard to book the next trip but we are thinking split stay between the two.

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    We had the same feelings after only doing trading places twice, do we do the split stay or all at CN. Well as we have posted, all at CN won out. We are definitely looking forward to trying CN. Sure there are things about CSA that we will miss (staff, fitness center...), but there are things we really enjoyed during our short visits to CN.

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