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    Default Island tour, Negril to Ocho

    Have a new couple to Couples and Jamaica traveling with us. They are leaving CSA to another hotel in Ocho and would like a tour of the island. They would like a reputable driver to run down to Kingston on the way to Ocho. Anyone have any experience with a good driver to see the island?

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    that is a long drive just to get to Kingston and then to Ocho. What kind of things would they want to see? From Negril we did a tour of Appleton Estate Distillery and one of the Falls, and that was pretty much a full day.

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    That is a very long drive.
    Have they looked at the actual distance of Kingston from Negril? It is certainly not something I would choose to do, but I really value my sand gravity time when in Jamaica.
    Gene and Jeanne
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    Thank you, both!
    Yes, when my business partner and wife spent the day driving from Negril to Ocho to Kingston to Negril, we said “no thanks.” It is a really long drive. Unfortunately, when your from Minnesota, driving 40-50,000 miles in a year, for work, a small island tour doesn’t seem like a long day. Secondly, we seem to collect people that want to see everything, all the time. Meeting locals is as important as getting the sand time.
    Having said, when the partner went years ago, both my partner and his wife said the taxi driver made the trip. They gained so much color and texture to the island, that I almost regretted not going. - We like the Negril sand too much. What they also said was that the driver was ready to stop driving, so he is no longer available.
    So, we are looking for a driver that is safe, but knows the island, and out of the way points of interest. Thanks for the help in advance.

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    Depending on exactly where you're coming from in Negril and going to in Kingston, that's between 100 and 120 miles, or around 3-1/2 hours in normal traffic (quick online check). For drivers, I would check out ... there are plenty of livery services that have their references available on that site, which has connections with the Negril Chamber of Commerce.

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    Thank you, for the help. I think they should all the help they need. This was a very obvious, but really helpful lead. I will pass forward.
    All the best.

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    Ashton Pitt is great!

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