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Thread: early April?

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    Default early April?

    We will be staying at csa march 31st until april 12. It would be great to make some friends before we arive. We can't wait

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    See the Team CSA April 2010 thread

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    Thanks, I noticed the thread after I posted

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    My husband and I will be vacationning at CSA from April 6th to the 13th. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet.

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    Just booked today for the 10th-17th...guess it was the foot of snow and the awesome couplicious deal "double upgrade" today....NOW APRIL HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!!!!!

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    We'll be there April 8th-15th.... Only 124 more sleeps.

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    Angela and Jason, EinWI and cypresspeeps,

    Let me reiterate what Tom & Erin advised shellyngary...go to the Team CSA April 2010 thread at There you can see all the people that will be there while you are and also get on the list that Tom is keeping so others will know that you'll be there at the same time.

    Bart & Bug

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