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    I am sitting at my desk daydreaming about our recent trip to CSA and thinking I really hope you're having a pina colada for me right now!!!
    I hope you guys are having an amazing time and I can't wait to hear all about your time at CN!!!

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    Can't wait to hear about your trip...I know it was was your weather? Did Hurricane Ida impact Negril at all?

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    Terri, of course had a pina colada for you! CN was awesome as usual and the weather was great! Sun shined most of the week, our last day, saturday was overcast but still good, just a little sprinkle here and there.
    Lobster night was soooo good! I did not want to leave! When I get time I will post a review on tripadvisor. We did the trading places thing and went to Swept Away, didn't stay at the swim up because it was so full of bees. I always manage to get stung. Everyone is already planning on next November 2010, hopefully we will have a good sized group going.

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