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    Default visiting CN w 2 other couples

    we are yearly visitors to a Couples resort( CN and CSS) and will be visiting CN w 2 other couples this July. I want to be very mindful of maintaining the Couples vibe so will be avoiding dining together @ dinner( @ least Otaheite) and trying to not be loud or create an insular feeling around us( we love making new resort friends) but open to suggestions as to how best maintain the Couples vibe while exposing our friends to all that Couples has to offer. my thinking is that we can definitely seamless dine together @ Heliconia and Cassava. thoughts on Lychee?

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    i wouldn't worry about any issues with 6 people as long as you are considerate of others, which you clearly are. We will be at CN with 2 other couples at the end of February. Even when we eat together we aren't loud or obnoxious. Lots of couples meet up with friends from prior trips and eat together. Enjoy!

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    Although there has been some rumbling from a few, there is no stigma at Couples when visiting with a group of friends. Couples has a group concierge, so we know it's OK. But we agree with JakkL regarding don't be obnoxious and loud, and everything should be fine.

    Part of the Couples "vibe" is that we love the place, the beach and their whole program, and have introduced a few friends to it, who continue to return as well. Really fun to share our happy place with friends.

    One of the dinners we and our friends look forward to is Otaheite. They have at least 2 tables who can seat 8 (they will also seat 6), but cannot accommodate a larger party without multiple tables. We recommend you sign up for Romance Rewards now, so before you go you can make some reservations in advance for Otaheite.

    Lychee can accommodate a group, but get there early in the evening so you can let them know. Once it's full, it will be tough to sit together. Lychee's food is amazing, so definitely share it with your friends.

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    We've done dinners of 4 almost routinely at all restaurants, one year we did a meal of 10 at Lychee. We waited for the about an hour before closing but went in about 2 hours before and told them the size of our group and if they would mind putting us in a corner which they did. It felt a lot like the repeaters dinner when it used to be in Lychee as you could only really talk to those within a seat or two of where you were. It worked but I wouldn't do it again. As long as you're aware of what can become of a large seating and avoid becoming that large annoying group at dinner you shouldn't have a problem even in Otaheite with its large circular tables designed for groups. Being self aware of the issue is the biggest thing and it sounds like you very much are aware. Enjoy.

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    Why not dine together? We vacation with 2 other couples and will be going to CN with them in June. We are not loud or obnoxious, so if someone has an issue with it, itís really THEIR issue. We do our own things during the day, then meet up for dinners.

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    We always travel in a group for discount purposes. Our group's are only groups for planning and saving $. Once we arrive on a Couples resort, we scatter and mingle with the others on resort. No group activities planned. It's nice to see familiar faces but also nice to see new faces when moving about. Most people don't even realize we are in a group. :-)


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