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    Default swimsuits at pool

    going to CN in wife likes me to wear lycra square cut trunks...pretty revealing but they are comfortable but I am concerned about gawkers on the prude side. Will these be appropriate on the clothed side?
    .Also what do guys wear for a body scrub? I am usually nude for massages but never had a body treatment. I guess the technicians have seen it all??

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    We've seen everything from speedos to what may have been pants based on length. Nobody will be gawking but your wife. This is Couples, after all.

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    what about swimsuits to Dunns river fallls? I would never wear a speedo but the square cuts are comfortable......basically short jammers.

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    Any swim trunk, or suit is fine,,,,and massages have to be done in the nude, right?
    Thats how we have always done it, they have seen it all.

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    At the resort just about anything is OK. Dunns river falls, I would have may wife wear something that your can climb in and not worry.
    Irie Mon

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    Your covered with a towel for the body scrub, they uncover the parts they need to scrub as necessary. Your suit will be fine if YOU are fine. No worries mon.

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    Default ?


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    just can't stop laughing at your post!

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    It is your vacation wear what you want if you are comfortable. Who cares about gawkers. Just focus on eachother.

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    We were on Bloody Bay in May of this year and saw guys wearing anything from board shorts to speedos and even one guy wearing a turquoise thong!!! That is the only one that we actually gawked at! It was like a train wreck! You don't want to but you can't help but look! LOL!

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    If she feels comfortable wearing them>> wear them.

    Also what do guys wear for a body scrub?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RDYJMJM View Post

    If she feels comfortable wearing them>> wear them.

    she is not wearing them to dunns river falls... she wants me

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    For my body scrub I wore a tiny thong, and they had had a bigger one for my husband. He wasn't nude, but we were at CTI and maybe things at that spa are different.

    Wear the short that make you feel comfortable. There are all shapes and sizes (me included and I wore a bikini every day and didn't care what people thought). It's so hot there that wearing anything more than necessary would cause me to stare at you.

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    Thanks for the advice.....I have worn the lycra trunks to florida and they are very comfortable ..they can be 'revealing' when wet which she likes. I don't want to offend anyone at Dunns. I'm not james bond either but fairly slim at 165lbs.....with the normal stomach pudge without love handles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspro2 View Post
    . . . . I don't want to offend anyone at Dunns . . .
    I don't know if you realize it, but Dunns River Falls is in Ocho Rios and is not close to Negril. If you're planning to visit Dunns River Falls from CN, plan on spending a large chunk of your day (6 - 8 hours) in a car/van. YS Falls and Mayfield Falls are closer if your heart isn't set of the other.

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    CN isn't booked so CSS may be a better option...we have done DRF and blue mountain biking before but want to go back.....the last time I wore trunks below my knees and got a rash rubbed from my board shorts.

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    We went to YS falls from Couples Negril and it was still a good hour to hour and 1/2 one way. The falls were awesome, but in retrospect, I would choose to stay at the resort and enjoy the beach.

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    I had the body scrub while at CTI and they gave me a little, very little, disposable thong/g-string to put on. It was basically, paper triangle with elastic--very interesting. But at the end it had the scrub stuff on it, so it was just disposed of.

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