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    Default Couples Withdrawal: what are your symptoms?

    When we are at Couples, our day starts with early in-room breakfast (we always request 6:30-7:00 delivery), followed by exercise. Sometimes the exercise is formal (a run or gym workout), last week it was a more relaxed, long beach walk. This is then followed by Breakfast #2 (just typing the words "Breakfast #2" is fun!).

    Last night we were discussing that the first week back home is always hard...because we are always hungry! Only one breakfast (and my wife's is only a small protein drink), no mid-morning pizza to tide us over until lunch, no lunch buffet, no coconut cookies from the veggie bar, no mid-afternoon ice cream, dinner is not 4 courses, no desert, no late night beach grill burger...a complete shock to our systems!

    What are your Couples withdrawal symptoms?

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    Withdrawal symptoms? Looking for the piano bar at my house and realizing we don't have a piano, my liver sending me texts thanking me for not drinking as much and giving it a rest, looking for the beautiful white sand beach and only seeing snow.....

    Duane & Mary 37 days until CN, 301 days until CTI

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    Walking up to the bar nekkid and ordering my wife and I a drink. They really don't appreciate that here at home.

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    Withdraw symptoms??? Everything.... The sun instead of the snow, the sand instead of the unlimited drinks that I don't have to make, amazing food anytime also that I don't have to make. The friendliness and relaxed nature of everyone, better than everyone being in a hurry. and yes miss the island.

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    The people. . . everyone is so friendly! They are literally happy to see you every time!! I love that!!

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    I'm surprised there isn't more responds to this thread.

    For us the only thing that keeps us sane, is immediately to start to plan the next trip. $50 a week in a seperate bank account and the Love Away plan relives some of the pain of leaving paradise. Also, playing the Southwest Airlines "points" game. Points for purchases online, points for dining, points for charging all our purchases to the Southwest card- takes us closer to a free flight back to Jamaica and Couples.

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    For me it is booking my next trip down, and starting to think about what I can bring down as gifts on my next trip

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