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    Default Just returned from Negril Oct. 25-Nov1

    This was my first visit to Jamaica and Couples Negril however it will not be my last. Wonderful vacation , great staff, relaxing and plenty of activities.

    Arrived on sunday NWA from Memphis with no troubles through customs and went straight to Couples lounge.Very easy and bus ride to resort was simple with a short rest stop on the way.

    We booked the reservation restaurant just accross from the registration desk and no problem to get a table for 2. We tried all the restaurants and found them all good. the Lychee Pad Thai dish great, Heliconia pasta and on lobster night Friday Cassava was good. No one will tell you but when you arrive go to the beach bar and walk up to the kitchen and order from the menu and they will call your name. We had to figure that one out.

    Rooms: We had the garden room 3rd floor building 1. Yea the rooms are a little worn but balconey view was into palm trees and we could see the ocean as well. A great location because we where steps away from everything. It's the closest building to the beach and restaurants, pool, etc. Hot water in showers and we ordered liquor from the menu provided next to TV. Actually, we drank so much everywhere we could not handle more in rooms mixed drinks. This place is very all inclusive.

    Catamaran - booze cruise and swin through tunnel - great views, fun crowd, enjoyable
    Hobie cat sailboats: Afternoon wind fun and you can really get going on these.
    Kayak: fun but a little difficult to paddle in the wind
    Scuba:i have certification and went 7 times but even no experience which many people did was a blast. Fun and knowledgeable staff.
    Snorkeling: good sites easy to do
    Au Natural: I was tempted but a little shy, after seeing no one really cared I should have given it a try.
    Off site: we didn't go out of the resort
    Volleyball: good way to meet people

    The swin up bar will make whatever you want and the frozen mixed drinks flow all day long. Beach or pool the red flag drink service is available however sometimes I just got them myself because of the wait. You can also get self service sandwiches,nacho's, ice cream at the beach bar and delute the drinking.

    My blackberry could sent text but no e-mail. I could use the phone but roaming charges. To stay in touch (didn't want to return to major e-mails) the resort provides several no charge internet access computers so I had no problem to connect to my business and personal e-mail accounts.

    Credits for Spa and Shop: $500
    They issued the spa and store credit on a letter inside your check in envelope. Wife used the spa credit with massage, manicure,haircut,etc. and we purchased return gifts- so easy.

    You'll notice the crowd changes everyday as people come and go but very friendly atmosphere and attentive staff.

    ps: I feed the birds at breakfast every morning. Probabally some people which I didn't but you see they are friendly also.

    Finally, I was worried about the Jamaican culture and how we would like the couples experience but it was one of our best vacations.

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    Good report. Looking forward to going in 3 weeks.

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    Excellent review and I especially appreciate that it's coming from a Jamaica/Couples rookie - make that FORMER rookie now.

    We also booked a garden room and requested Bldg 1 as well, so it's good to read some feedback on this. Like you, the rooms being a bit worn will not negatively affect us in the least. Thanks, much appreciated.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    thanks, we are going there Dec1st/2009 and getting married Dec4th/2009 i can't wait..It's going to be the best thing ever in my life. The ocean/beach/food/drink's/and the best Marry the Man of my Dreams. Can't wait.

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    Great Review - glad you guys had a great time!!!

    Next time you go - hire a driver and discover the REAL Jamaica... the local markets, local food, the island and most of all the people - this is the main reason we keep on coming back! Yes, Couples is all that and more, but life outside the resort is something you need to expierence. As the Jamaican Tourist Board says... "Once You Go, You'll Know"! How true...

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    Welcome to the family!!! Isn't Couples amazing?? Great review, and thanks so much for letting us know how it went

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    So glad you had a GREAT Time! We LOVE Couples Negril!!! Heaven on Earth!!!
    Art xo Francine

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