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    Default Weather end of Oct

    I posted this on the old message board and did not get a response. Just wondering what the weather is like the end of OCT. we will be there the 21st thru the 30th. Can't wait. I don't want to wish the summer away but it can't come soon enough. Thanks

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    We are 1st timers, and will be at CSS Oct. 19-26. From what I hear there may be a chill in the evening, so bring a lite jacket. Oct. is also the rainiest month, but I hear it usually only rains for about 15-30 min. in the afternoon. They also say, that it cuts the humidity, and lends a good chance of rainbows. I hope we both have good weather, but reguardless have a great time. Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg, WV)

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    Plan on getting as much done in the early part of the day as possible. It will start to get cloudy in the late afternoon, followed by rain. The evening will be a bit cooler, but not to the point where it will be a problem.

    We'll be there from 10/23 through 11/1. Check out the Halloween thread on the Meet Up at CSA page.
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    I have been to Negril twice near the end of October and also two times in early December.

    Quite honestly, I didn't perceive a great difference in either the temperature or the humidity between the two months.

    We only saw rain on one evening during the October visits, but it rained almost every day during one of the December visits. Not for the entire day, but it did rain.

    So I guess my point is, "Who knows". It's just luck. You can hit a dry week during the rainy season, or a rainy week during the dry season.

    You are right about having a great time, though.

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    We went last October and the weather was gorgeous. We had one evening of rain. We have also been in May and August and frankly didn't feel much difference between the May and October weather. It was always in the 80's. We will be at Swept Away Oct 26-Nov 3. Almost into double digits!
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    I don't know what it is about me, Jamaica and October. I've been to Jamaica twice before, and both times were in mid to late October. AND I just booked another trip for mid October 2010. My first Jamaica trip was to Kingston to visit friends. Ok that was a rainy one, in 1997 I believe. But seems there was a tropical storm off the coast that particular time, but I still had fun, because it did not rain continually. More recently in 2007 I went to CSA, late October, it was GREAT. It rained I think only once in the 5 days we were there and lasted maybe 1-2 hours. No problems and we were horseback riding by later that afternoon. So I guess me and Jamaica and October get along well. You'll love it.

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    We were at CSA in early October 2007, and it rained alot--and I do mean ALOT. However, we still had a wonderful time! We still snorkeled almost every day(though couldn't get out for a night snorkel), and the catamaran cruise still went out. The rain on the cat cruise brought us all closer together, and we had a blast.
    Even if it does rain every day while you are there, you will be more relaxed than you have ever been in your life, and you will have a wonderful time!

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    There is a drop in the temperature at night in October. From 30C to maybe 28C. Certainly not enough for a jacket (light or otherwise)!

    This October is trip 12, and half of those have been in October.

    You may wish (the ladies) to bring a light wrap or shawl with you for dinner (if it is breezy) or dinner inside Feathers.

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    Thank you all for the info on the weather. Can't wait. Seems so far away

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