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    I saw somewhere that there was no longer a buffet option at the Patio for dinner? Is that true??

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    We had the buffet at the patio, also did the beach buffet too. Wonderful food!

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    I love all the restaurants... but I also love the patio. Had one of the best meals ever there.
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    When the occupancy goes below a certain percentage, they stop the buffet to conserve on food costs for dinner. When we are there in August, some nights we hacve the buffet and when we don't have it, we know the occupancy level has dropped. Would rather not have a Buffet in order to keep resort fees down.

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    During the time we were at CTI, first week of July, they had the Beach Buffet and the Gala Buffet. Other than these buffets for dinner, the Patio was ala carte. I believe they still had the salad buffet and dessert buffet with the ala carte.

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    Wonderful food!

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