Hello all. We are coming to Jamaica for the first time in May 2018 for our honeymoon. I have read about 1000 reviews and still need help. I have narrowed it down to staying at a couples resort to start with. I then narrowed it down between CSS and CN. I know the beach is nicer at CN and it seems that most people prefer the resort at CSS better. We have never done a AN beach, but we both want to give it a try(maybe). We visit the Florida Panhandle quite a bit and are accustom to that style beach. I am reserved to go to CSS due to the beach and type of sand. We enjoy laying on the beach and by the pool most of the day. We also like to play pool games and such. We enjoy good entertainment at night, but aren't big partiers. I want to go off the resort and just look around also. Her not so much. She fears its dangerous and such. Is one city better for that than the other? I also would like to go play golf a time or 2. Any suggestions on which city has the better of the 2 courses?

I am just having a hard time deciding between total privacy/nice resort/ ok beach vs nice beach/ricks/beach walking.

Any input would be of great help. Thanks!