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    Default A few questions from a first-time vacationer

    I am getting married in June 2018 and my fiance and I have already decided that we would like to spend our honeymoon at Couples Swept Away. This will be the first time either of us has ever traveled anywhere for a vacation so planning and booking something like this is new for both of us. We have not booked anything yet. I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate any input you may have to offer!

    1. Being that our honeymoon is a little over 6 months away, would you recommend we book our hotel now? Is it realistic to expect any big deals or specials in the coming months that may potentially be worth holding out for? I was excited to see the Black Friday deal for this year (we are planning on staying 6 nights, so a free 7th night and resort credit would be great!) but unfortunately it looks like we can't use it for a trip in June.

    2. Should we book the hotel and air together or separately? I've heard airline prices drop as you near your departure date, so would it potentially save me more money to book hotel and air together right now, or only book the hotel now and wait to book the air later?

    3. Do you recommend booking through the Couples resort itself, a third-party website, or a travel agent? I like the price match guarantee offered here at, but I also received a $200 coupon (if I book hotel and air together this week) from another website that is tempting to use.

    Thank you for any help!

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    congratulations on getting married and i believe you made the right choice with couples. to answer your questions

    1. you can book now without worry. if a better deal comes along at a later date you just need to call them and they can adjust your reservation to the new deal. also shop around. couples will match the offer from other sites and give you a $50 resort credit for your trouble

    2. i always book them separate as i generally book 6-10 months in advance and ticket prices are still very at during that time. its best to buy your plane tickets around 2 months prior to your trip for the best price.

    3. i guess i sort of answered this in 1. i feel you need to shop around and take whatever the best deal is you can find from a respectable source. i have heard good things about travel agents, travel sites, and booking direct. personally i find the best deal i can online and then bring it to the couples staff and they have always matched it. i feel like if they are willing to match the price i prefer giving the money directly to them

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    Congratulations, and you've made a good start on the planning. I would suggest booking now to avoid sell-outs in the room category you want, although I'm not sure if wedding season is as busy as Christmas (when we travel). Since this is your first time booking international travel, I would definitely suggest you use a travel agent. A good travel agent can help you understand and compare flights/airlines better than you would on your own, and should be a help in determining the best itinerary for your needs. They should be up-to-date on which airports are under construction and which may need a longer layover to get through customs (assuming you don't have a direct flight) - we've seen up to 2 hours difference between airports Also, they can be a great help if there are any issues with one of the flights - we've only had 3 problems in 20 years, but the help was appreciated in those cases.

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    I would book now, you aren't going to get a lower price on the hotel most likely although look for a sale around Valentine's day. If it's cheaper, you could rebook.
    We've booked through couples, through an agent and I've booked myself. It is nice through an agent in case something were to go wrong you would have backup.
    Airfare is a crapshoot. I will book it as soon as I find a price I like.

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    Go ahead and get your passports in order if you do not have one already. Though it should not take much longer than 6 weeks, sometimes the process can get delayed.

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