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    Default New to tower isle

    Hello we will be in tower isle feb 10-17. I have a few questions hoping someone can help.
    1. Do they allow floats in the pools?
    2. Do they allow you to bring insulated cups?
    3. Beach attire is permitted by pool but not dining correct?
    4. Are cargo shorts permitted in any dining area?

    I will probably think of more lol this is my first time traveling to a tropical destination

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    1 yes floats are allowed
    2 do not forget your cups!
    3 shirt and shoes are needed at all locations.
    4 dress up is only at 8Rivers

    Keep asking. We will be arriving on the 17th. Save us a drink.

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    Thanks I am so excited

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    Anything else that we should know?

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    Oh I am a little confused when we booked the trip the travel agent said we could go to one of the other resorts. Is that no so anymore?

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    They do a trading places afternoon with CSS. However, I think you have to sign up for the rewards program before you can take part in that.

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    Sign up for romance rewards and you will find that information there.

    If you have any questions you would rather keep off"@"
    Drop the ""


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    1. Yes
    2. You can bring cups but they have flag service at the beach and your are only steps away from a bar and fresh drinks when you are at the pools.
    3. You can wear swimsuit to the pool grill during the day, that is where you get burgers, jerk chicken, fish and fries, etc.. Shorts seemed to be ok at Patio restaurant in the evening when we were there.
    4. The restaurants (Veranda, Bayside, and 8 Rivers) require shirt and shoes (no shorts) in the evening, 8 rivers is spectacular.

    Bring sunscreen!

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    Have you been to CTI NYE party before? What would be the dress code if you do?? I assume coat & tie are not required.

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    Do they carry jack daniels whiskey?

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    Yes, the beer is mostly Red Stripe

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    How early can you book excursions and what excursions have you paid for and enjoyed?

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    Lori&Jim2017 you will have so much fun, We are planning our 2nd trip (hope for end of April). Do the excursions that are included, We are going to try to do a day trade this time, also Blue hole is recommended but we haven't made it there yet. (If you want to go shopping we went with the group that is set up thru the resort). Set up your excursions when you first get there, if you want to scuba dive or something and it happens on a red flag day, you still have time to reschedule. ( we missed this because we waited and it was red flag on our day) The best advice is to relax and enjoy yourselves, it is an amazing place.

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    Dunns River is fun, that one is free. You just signup at the excursion desk. Take water shoes with you or you must rent them.
    Catamaran tour is free, signup in the lobby.
    Shopping tour into town, was better for the wife.
    Margaritaville tour was ok, this tour is at the cruise ship pier, $15 drinks. More fun when the ships are in and you can watch the people get hammered.

    We did the ATV tour, that was fun, do not remember the cost.

    Now, we like enjoy the resort and just chill. Food is better and drinks are free.

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    Neither of us are beer drinkers but thanks Iíll let the other couple know

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    Thank you everyone for all of the info

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    Has anyone gone zip lining? Is it Worth it?
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