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    Default Stupid fish question

    Ok, I know this is a dumb question but can anyone tell me if there are fishies within the roped off swimming area at CSA? We've been to other resorts in Jamaica and never saw any fish other than by the reefs. We want to bring our swimways floats to use in the ocean but I don't want them biting my bottom whilst floating

    I know they have floats at the resort but we like our type that allow you to sit up and look around while floating and being able to read.

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    A handful of small bait fish, a few Starfish, and the occasional Stingray, but that's it.
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    They are minimal. The only actual fish I've seen was this TINY little thing probably the size of my pinky. He was all alone and I think lonely. He kept following us. The only other things I've seen are stingrays, and I've only seen them in the very early morning when there is no human activity in the water. That's not to say they aren't there during the day, I've just never seen them.

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    Fish stay away from people and you should not have any problems.
    Irie Mon

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    Yes, there can be fishies in the swim area. I have seen stingrays and other critters. I was bitten by a crab…I guess that was my fault. I tried to catch him. Don’t worry about the fishies. They will not bother you. Also, the chair cushions double as floaties and they work really well. I wouldn’t bother packing your own.

    Have fun

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    Yes, there will be some fish in the roped off area, but usually not many, as it is a soft sandy bottom with no vegetation or coral that might attract them. Sometimes there will be a large school of minnows, but that is the most we've seen in 3 trips.

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    there are always a few reggae rebel fish who swim under the rope...just to show off to the other fish.....the other fish wait on there own side of the rope to see if they ever come back.

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    The only fish I saw were on a plate!!!!
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    Don't worry with bringing your floats, they are already there waiting for you!!

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    We know they have floats there but we like the swimways, so we can sit up and read and see what's going on. We have extra luggage weight so thought we might bring them along.

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    If you want fish take a jump into the plunge pool.

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    I too, love my swimways floatie. I took mine last year, and several people asked about it. They take up very little room in your luggage. Fishies will not bother you. Enjoy!

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    Nice float. Where do you get one of those in the states?

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    I got mine at Wal-Mart. Google Swimways and see what you get.

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    We're in Canada...we bought ours at Costco and Walmart so I'm sure it's the same in the states. Check out their website, it may give locations to buy.

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    Love the cup holder!!!!

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    We just returned home from CN. When we first arrived on 27 Oct, there seemed to be 3 or 4 people a day getting stung by jellyfish. I'm curious if they're as common at CSA this time of year. They weren't bad stings, though; we were told the pain generally subsided pretty quickly after getting coated with aloe or other gels, nothing like the jellyfish stings here in the Carolinas.

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    Ooohh, I like that floaty too! I love the Couples ones but there has been many a time where I wished I could take a book out in the water and read. Reading laying on my belly kills my neck. Thanks for the tip!

    Re: the Jellyfish. The last time we were there was a couple years ago around Labor Day, and it was just after a hurricane. They were fairly prevalent. I thought it was just the post-hurricane, but I just did a quick Internet search and it looks like they are more prevalent in the warmer months when the ocean temp rises. I would think the water temps are still pretty high from the summer at this point. With that said, the only ones I've seen have been really small ones out by where they took us to snorkel.

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    Fred Stripe you made our day- thank you!

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