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    Hello everyone! My husband and I have been reading the board and "studying" each resort because after thirty years we are planning our second honeymoon - and we definitely want a Couples Resort!Each resort looks wonderful and we are trying to go with the one that calls to us as everyone suggests, however due to some mobility/health concerns we are wondering if you (the experts) would recommend one over the other for someone who has difficulty walking long distances/stairs, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and hope to be seeing some of you later this winter on the beach

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    I the last 15 months, we've been to CN, CSA, and CSS. Of the three, CSS would be the worst by a very large margin for someone who has difficulty climbing stairs and walking long distances. My husband and I work out routinely, and we found the grounds to be taxing at times.

    CN and CSA have far fewer stairs. At CN, you'll have to descend a stairway from the area containing the lobby, gift shops, and piano bar. Once you're on pool level, you'll have very, very few stairs to climb. If you request a room in Buildings 1 or 6, you'll be at the resort's center, which contains the pool. All four restaurants are in close proximity to the pool, and you'll have to do very little walking to get from one place to the other.

    CSA is more spread out. There are a few steps to get into a ground floor room, a full flight of stairs to get to Lemongrass (the Thai restaurant) and the martini bar, and several stairs to get to the level where the pool, gift shops, and restaurants are located in the Great House.

    I haven't been to CTI since 1998, so my memory likely isn't as reliable as people who have visited more recently. Of CSS, CN, and CSA, however, I think that you would have the least amount of walking to do and the fewest stairs to climb at CN.

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    IMHO the best Couples resort would be CSS. I suggest a beachfront jacuzzzi room 1st fllor You will have lttle walking involved and no steps to the beach ,main pool and most of the activitiies during day. They provide a van for everything else.
    We always waited less then 5 minutes for a van.
    CSS has the most beautiful and romantic groiunds in all of the islands

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    If stairs are a problem, them CSS would not be a good choice.

    If you want the resort that has the least walking and elevators to get to your room, I would look at CTI. Make sure you have a room in building 3,4, or 5. They have elevators.

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    CTI is the only one with an elevator. It's also compact. Just make a request to be in a room near the elevator and you will be good to go. I think it's even easier to get around then CN. If you do chose CSS they do offer you a ride if you call them. Enjoy whichever you decide to choose.

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    Some of the Verandah Suites have no stairs at all... and I seem to recall that the GreatHouse Complex has ramp access to the lower floors, if not for handicap access, for kitchen bus access.

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    This is a good question. My husband has terrible knees! We are still debating on CTI and CSA. CTI has an elevator but what would our chances be to get a 1st floor room at CSA?

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    Of the 3 I have been to, (CN, CSS, and CSA) I would suggest CN if you have mobility issues.
    Everything is very centrally located.

    CSS does have an elevator near G block, and has a shuttle, but there is no way to avoid the stairs completely.

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