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    Default First Timer CSS Miami Airport Question

    We will be flying to MBJ through Miami Airport in February on American Airlines. Can anyone give us any helpful hints? We have 90 minutes between our flight, so I hope that will be enough time....Anything I should particularly be aware of?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    90mins headed down? You'll be alright.

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    Miami is a nice airport. Not too big, but not small. Just read the signs and go to your gate. You have plenty of time.
    Irie Mon

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    Going down is easy as you don't have to deal with customs and immigration at MIA in that direction. If that't the 90 min layover, you will be just fine. Nothing out of the ordinary with that airport other than I think their food selection is weak, but others may not.

    On the way back, I would say 90 minutes would be the MINIMUM layover you would need. You will need to wait for your bags, then go through customs and immigration, and the MIA airport is massive. Getting back to the American terminal from customs/immigration is a hike. Remember if you buy booze at the Montego airport, you can't take it carry on for your second leg of your trip due to the TSA liquid restrictions. You'll have to get your bags in MIA and pack your booze before re-checking your bags. Other than that, just breathe. The MIA airport on the way back in to the US will try your patience. It's line after line and everyone in those lines is grumpy and annoyed. Though even with all of that, I'd still take flying American via MIA over the other airline offerings. If nothing else, American has been VERY reliable for us going to/from MBJ.

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    We did it last month and timed it as we will be doing it again this month with a shorter layover. It took us an hour and ten, I think. Don't hang around, head to everything as quickly as you can. Baggage took a while and the line for security was fairly long but was well organized and moved quite well. As we are going for a shorter time this month we are thinking of not checking our bags on the way back and just ditching any left over wet products before hand.

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