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    Default Passover Question

    It looks like my wife and I will be at CSS during Passover this year. I guess it's a long shot, but does anybody know if they set up a Seder for the guests?

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    CoolRunnings Bring your own Matzoh. To the best of my knowledge, there is no Passover table. We eliminated that problem by going after Passover.

    Happy Pasech


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    We booked so that we'd be there for my 30th birthday on March 30. Just today my wife was checking to see when Seder was at our Temple and it is, of course, March 30. We'll figure something out! I should have planned to be there for Purim instead....

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    This is Jamaica, mon. Out of curiosity since our visits always span a Friday night, I googled the Jewish history of Jamaica. There are only 200 Jews (or is it Jewish families?) in Jamaica, primarily in the Kingston area, where the only synagogue resides.

    If you try to explain the dietary laws of Pesach, they'd probably promise not to use corn oil with the shrimp. In other words, you apply the same routine you'd do if you had to travel anywhere, use your best judgement and avoid breads and food products you're not sure about.

    I live in the Charleston, SC, area and belong to the oldest continuous Reform congregation in the world, and one local friend couldn't understand why I couldn't eat tacos during a business trip during Passover. Taco shells don't rise, do they? I responded that Moses never ate Mexican food.

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    There are estimated to be about 200-250 Jews living in Jamaica, with one Synagogue, which is in Kingston and doesn't have a Rabbi, just a Spiritual leader.
    You might ask once you arrive, as there may be other guests who want to share in a Non-Traditional or Inter-faith Seder with you !! It can't hurt to ask !

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    Default Passover

    I've never been during Passover, but I tend to doubt it. There's a Chabad in Kingston. They could probably help you out if you want to attend a seder in Jamaica. I actually make a tropical charoset with dates, coconut, and banana. Maybe it could use some breadfruit...

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    We were planning so far in advance and since we were specifically trying to be there for my birthday it just didn't register to check to make sure Passover wasn't that week. We'll certainly figure something out and be more careful with our scheduling next time!

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    Good idea WandA, there are many people taking part in Inter-faith Seders these days. I will certainly see if there are any other inquiries.

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