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    Default One love pub crawl, reviews?

    Ok, ok, searched the message board by key word, but frankly left us slightly disappointed with the information. We have 4 couples interested, with coincidentally, 4 type A personalities. We know this sort of thing is personal preference, but some feed back on other than specifics would really be nice. We know it is supposed to be approximately 4 hours, 7 stops, but not Ricks(?). Tipping and paying for drinks is obvious, anything a surprise? Cost of drinks manageable? How is the local color? Are they like the stops on the tour bus, or do they feel more genuine? Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    It has been about three years since we went. It was a great time! Lambert does a good job. We hit about 6 places. He doesn't do the same route every time. 4 of the 6 were very small local bars. 2 of them had just opened for business. The other two were bigger places, but not tourist traps (Rick's and Margaritaville fall in that category for me). The small places were more interesting. Got to hang out with locals. The beers seem to always cost about $3. Be sure you have small bills, it is not easy to get change back. You will also have children approaching you trying to sell trinkets. Not really a tour bus feel, more of a party. Several times, locals jumped on the bus (they knew Lambert) just to catch a ride a mile or so. It is definitely an experience, I would recommend it. As far as type A personality, your in Jamaica, everything is irie mon. Relax and go with the flow!

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    We've done three crawls with one more scheduled soon, and highly recommend it. The bus picks you up around 2:30p and you are back by 7p. You go to 5-6 local bars/hotels, some in town and some on the cliffs, and usually stop by Former Justice of the Peace Grace Lee's house, where she has food and snack for sale as well. As for stops, the usual suspects have been On The Rocks, Xtabi, No Limits, Horizon West, Fire Water Love Nest, Belladonna, The Sunset Bar, Negril Escape, etc. Some are just bars, some bar/grills, and some are hotel bars, and, no, there is no stop at Rick's as that place definitely does not have a local feel (yes, we have been there). None of them are like the little shacks the airport shuttle stops at. Drinks are usually around $3-4, and we always tip Lenbert $20. For one couple, I would plan on bringing enough money for at least one drink per stop plus tips ($4x2x7 = $56-60) and $20 for Lenbert, which comes to about $80 all-in. That's what we usually bring. If you have four type-A personalities, then you will fit right in. The bus will pick up people from multiple resorts, and they will all be in party mode as well, so it can get a little raucous near the end. The bus will also be crammed, so it's good that there is no long distance between two spots.

    Try it out for sure. We've done three and it has yet to get old.
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    We didn't get back until 8 and missed our dinner reservations. Our bus was way overcrowded and hot. You stop at mostly off the beaten path places that rarely get tourist dollars. It was cool to see some different (genuine for sure) places and locals. Some (Belladonnas) truly apreciated the visit.
    My bottom line- its pretty fun but Lenbert should limit the guests on board, its dangerous and someday something bad will happen with an overloaded vehicle. He doesn't drive fast thank god. Its about 30 minutes per stop and $4-5 per drink when we went a few years back. 2 for 1's at some places. We didn't stop at Ricks as he goes to smaller less traveled places that need business. Go, its worth it at least once but be prepared to be crammed in the bus possibly.

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    We went on crawl #3 about two weeks ago. Yes the bus will be full beyond capacity. If you are claustrophobic, not your adventure. Everyone is a little reserved at first but by the end of 7 stops (of drinking and other stuff) you are best buds singing and dancing. It's a great way to see parts of Negril and life outside of the resorts in a safe and fun environment. Warning to the type A's if Lenbert is a little late for pick-up, chill he'll get you (as long as you emailed him so he knows to get you). Relax and enjoy the ride.

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