Okay, so we were originally having a quiet, simple wedding ceremony on the beach this June. Now we have about 15-20 people that are planning on coming!! AWESOME!! however, now we have to rethink & budget differently.
About 9 people will not be staying at Couples so I know I have to get the okay from the manager.
We thought that maybe we will just do the free wedding package and then do the cocktail/appetizers for the $20 per person. Our non resort guests we will pay the $50 for the ceremony pass. The $100 for half day is just to much for us with all the non couples guests. However, I hate the idea of having to say.. okay the 2hr limit is up and you have to go.
Maybe we should just do the $100 per person for the half day, have a lunch time ceremony and then the cocktail/appetizer reception and then...... would we all be able to go to the regular lunch buffet to eat without extra costs????
Anyone have thoughts?? ideas??