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    Default HELP!! need advice - ideas etc

    Okay, so we were originally having a quiet, simple wedding ceremony on the beach this June. Now we have about 15-20 people that are planning on coming!! AWESOME!! however, now we have to rethink & budget differently.
    About 9 people will not be staying at Couples so I know I have to get the okay from the manager.
    We thought that maybe we will just do the free wedding package and then do the cocktail/appetizers for the $20 per person. Our non resort guests we will pay the $50 for the ceremony pass. The $100 for half day is just to much for us with all the non couples guests. However, I hate the idea of having to say.. okay the 2hr limit is up and you have to go.
    Maybe we should just do the $100 per person for the half day, have a lunch time ceremony and then the cocktail/appetizer reception and then...... would we all be able to go to the regular lunch buffet to eat without extra costs????
    Anyone have thoughts?? ideas??

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    I'm having the same issues about the reception. I know I'm not considering paying the $100 pass for my guests. I still don't know who exactly will be attending, my date is June 5, 2010. Decisions...

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    I would email Debbie Hall and ask her but I think your guests stay at your reception. At the wedding I went to last year at CSS, nobody went and ventured over to eat at the resorts restaurants or buffets, our friends who got married provided the food and drinks. I think they did the $20 a person like you were talking about. You might be able to, but nobody from that wedding did. It might look a little tacky to see a whole wedding reception of people gather into a lunch buffet so I could see if they were against it but I see from your perspective too. I would just ask Debbie Hall.

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    I just got married at CSA November 7 and we had 7 couples join us, but they all stayed at CSA. We weren't expecting that many and neither did our budget. I would difinately get with Debbie Hall, she was wonderfully helpful to me.

    You could also offer your guest the 2 hour pass with the option of staying longer, by allowing them to pay the other 50.00 for the half day pass. Then you have taken care of getting them to the wedding and they can choose to stay longer or not. Then it's not a strain on your budget and they make the decision to stay or not without feeling like they HAVE to be there for 1/2 day.

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