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    Default MB calendar is wrong.

    Has anyone noticed that the MB Calendar Oct. 09 is wrong? The 1st is on a Thurs. not Fri. I looked at it the other day, and I did a double take. For a split second I thought my plans were screwed.

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    October 1, 2009 is a Thursday. The calendar is correct. Are you sure you didn't mean 2010?
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    No, Internet Manager Lowell Boileau, sent me an email, they have fixed the problem. The calendar was correct, but there were not any lines. The date and the day of the week were next to each other and it tricked me. They put that tricky little line in there and it looks great. These guys are on top of their game! It didn't take'em long. If this is any indication of the type of company they run, then I think I'm in great shape for my first visit to Couples. I'll be at CSS in Oct. for my honeymoon. Thanks guys for the help. Jonathan&Nikki (Martinsburg,WV)

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