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    Default Construction at Swept Away

    Does anyone know the current status of the construction at CSA or know when it might be completed? Last I had heard, some Atriums were under renovation, but I have not heard any updates recently.

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    Last we heard was end of OCT. So I'd guess that it's probably still ongoing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaSun View Post
    Last we heard was end of OCT. So I'd guess that it's probably still ongoing.
    Can anyone from CSA confirm or deny this? I was curious myself and see this was asked before with no response. Looking forward to coming back for our 9th visit!!

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    We were there from Oct 20 to Oct 27. When we arrived, there were still 4 or more buildings in the original section that were still not finished, including our preferred Atrium building. During the Repeaters Dinner, we sat at table with the assistant operations manager, who told us that these building absolutely had to be finished by Nov. 1, as this inventory was sold for occupancy.

    The men's lavatory in The Palms was closed for renovations, and we were shocked to find a sign on the ladies room entry way that it was temporarily in use as a "unisex" lavatory. This continued until about the middle of our stay, when they opened an adjacent Atrium's bathroom for men's room use. Inexcusable!

    Landscaping around much of the original section was torn up, and staff was feverishly trying to finish those parts of the renovation. Still not finished when we left.

    We found all of this to be very disappointing, particularly since we had asked repeatedly on this very forum for information in this regard. Had we known, we would probably have postponed our booking and banked it for a later date. Hey, I get it... it was time that these accommodations were upgraded. But we, as long term repeat clients, felt that our concerns leading up to our arrival were not properly addressed.

    Mind you, all other facilities (restaurants, bars, pools, etc.) were open and in great shape. However, the lack of response here by Couples, when the questions were raised and asked, is likely to weigh on our decision to book again.

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    We just got back from our 23rd trip to Swept Away & I will say that despite some minor issues that come with any ongoing construction projects, our trip was awesome as usual! The weather was mostly sunny for this time of year,which we were thankful for, the food & staff were great as usual. We have no complaints, but we do have two observations. One is , the new shower doors do not hold the water in, so be prepared to use up alot of towels to lay down on the floor, or your bathroom floors will be soaked! No biggie, just something that should have been designed differently. Number two is..The choice of color for the inside floors & patio are white, including the couch cushions accented with light gray. The obvious problem with this is, no matter how hard house keeping works to keep it clean, & they do a great job, as soon as you come back from the beach, it gets dirty & messy looking, and when it rains, it is even worse. Not a good choice of colors We miss the tropical colors, especially on the cushions, maybe some green or orange or something colorful. I don't expect the white to wear very well for long. Just our preference & observations, again, no biggie. We had an atrium suite, not our usual one which was not finished yet, but one in a different building. Our personal opinion is that while the rooms may have needed a facelift, we liked them better the way they were, also craftsmanship was less than stellar, but ok. Again, these were observations, not complaints. They certainly did not ruin or take away from us enjoying our trip.

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    See you in Jamaica Mike and Emily. Can't wait to play volleyball and relax.

    Life is good

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