We went to CTI in June and Couples has forever changed our lives. The First weird thing Couples did was introduced us to a wonderful couple on the bus. We quickly became friends and they showed us the best time. The next weird thing was my husband only agreed to try the island because I wanted to. He loved it and he became the one wanting island time everyday (not that I minded.) We met the best and most fun people there. Another thing as I planned our trip I was always talking about our next trip to Couples before we had taken the first one. I was going to be a repeater. My husband had a whole list of places he wanted to see after Couples. Now that list has gotten a lot shorter with only one place on the list. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever been on. The final weird thing Couples has done for us is motivated us to go back to school. I decided I was tired of being the grunt girl and wanted a job with possible better pay and flexible vacation time. I want to be able to afford to take Couples vacations every year and maybe even two. This got my husband to wanting a better life as well. I start school Nov 3rd and he starts in Jan. I know money will be tight for a few years and Couples Vacations will be on hold but it will all be worth it. Thanks Couples for being so wonderful that we want to improve our life to come back home more ofter.