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Thread: JaBlum price?

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    Default JaBlum price?

    Anyone here purchased the good stuff lately? What's the supply and pricing look like? I'm tapped out here, but arriving on Friday... need to stock up, but want to be ready for the sticker shock. Thanks!

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    That's what we use all of our resort credits for. $68/lb our last visit.

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    We just bought coffee at CTI. 1 pound of ground was $61.

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    We were at CN last week and believe the cost was $56 (US) for a pound there. We typically find it at the airport for less.

    You're welcome!

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    In July it was $48 in the airport. I think the same at CSS. I just bought some Coffee Roasters Blue Mtn on Amazon for $54. Jablum was $56.

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    Well, I'm here and doing my research. As indicated by Beach Bum, the price at the gift shop is up there, but hey... it's a good way to get rid of resort credit.

    Looking elsewhere, I'm hearing that certified can be had at the airport for $47, but given that that particular person showed me what I know to be some counterfeit seals on his inventory, I'm not inclined to trust that number.

    But seeing is believing. One beach shop that I've come to rely on has legit JaBlum for $45/# (whole bean).

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    Now that we're home, I can also confirm that the price of beans at the duty free shops at MBJ are in the $47 to $55 (US) range per pound.

    Watch for a significant glut and lower prices unless the Jamaican government is willing to provide a large subsidy to farmers who are faced with the prospect of a great crop going to waste. The estates have reduced collection days for the growers to 1 or 2 days per week from the usual 4 or 5. There are reports that the cherries are ripe and falling from the trees.

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