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    Default February 1-6.2018

    We'll be at SS for our first time!! Old Grand Lido Braco family! Hoping to see old friends and make some new ones!

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    We were also Braco people. We arrive on Feb 3, leave on the 10th, so we have some overlapping days.

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    Glad to hear we'll be able to meet you! We went to Braco in May every year with a group dubbed the "Midmayniacs"! It was a great diverse group! Because of family, jobs and life we haven't been back to Jamaica since the last year Braco was open. We did Couples TI 21 years ago on our honeymoon. Looking forward to coming back and meeting new friends and let sand gravity take over!

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    Looks like I might get off cheap that week!! I always like to buy everyone we meet a drink and if we hit it off Iíll buy more than one! Iíve even been as generous as setting people up for the whole week!! Looks like a light crowd so we shouldnít have any problem getting towels or loungers!! IRIE!!

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    Looks like a quiet week!!

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    Will you be on the SSB side during the day? We will try to find you to catch up about Braco nd its wonderful people.

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    Most definitely! Will spend almost 100% on SSB! Look forward to meeting yíall and catching up on old Braco days! 16 days and counting!

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    We are Bill and Donna and are from Illinois. We arrive on Feb 3, landing at MBJ at 1:00 pm. Last trip it only took a little over two hours from touchdown to CSS - Iím not betting on that quick a trip again. See you whenever we can. We canít wait to get away from this winter.

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    Iíll have on a white Gillian hat! See yíall in a few days!

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