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    We are planning a wedding at Couples Negril next September! I have always dreamed of a beach wedding so I can not wait! We will have a small group of maybe 20-25 family and friends joining us for our special day! We were thinking about a 4pm wedding but is there a higher chance of rain in the afternoons?
    What are some other recommendations for having a wedding at CN? Any tips would be appreciated! Also, anything not related to the wedding that is 'a must do' for us and our guests, let us know! We have never been to Jamaica and are looking for any advice!

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    Yes, there is a higher chance of rain in the afternoon. It will usually rain briefly anywhere from 2-4 pm and most of the time clear up in time for the sunset. That's why we picked the morning both for our wedding and renewal at csa. You are getting married in hurricane season too so an even better chance.
    The catamaran cruise, snorkeling and floating in the ocean are our favorite activities. Cn has an awesome swimup pool bar that you should partake in. Congrats on your choice of Couples! They are real pros.

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    Thank you!! I appreciate the advice and recommendations! Did you feel like you were rushed getting married in the morning? Did you have time to get your hair and makeup done? I just personally don't feel like we could all get ready on time for a 10am wedding.
    We wanted to avoid hurricane season but our reception hall that we have booked here in our hometown was booking fast and only had mid Summer dates (too hot and humid) or October dates to pick from. And we wanted our reception to be within a few weeks of our wedding, so here we are planning a wedding for September haha!

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    Sorry if this gets posted twice, I posted a few days ago but nothing has shown up, so not sure if it went through or not.
    Thank you for the advice and recommendations! And thanks for the reassurance that Couples is a great place to get married! I am so excited!
    Did you feel rushed getting ready for your wedding? Did you have time to get your hair and makeup done without feeling like you're running around like crazy? My concern with a morning wedding is just that all of us getting ready will be rushed and too stressed.

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    Our first wedding was at 10 am and our renewal was at 11. Your wedding coordinator will meet with you the first full day you are on the resort. They will make your hair and makeup appts if you use them (I used their salon for both). The stylists are very experienced and I believe my appts were like 2 hours or so before the wedding. I seemed to have plenty of time and remember having a glass of bubbly while waiting for her to come and get me for the ceremony.
    You can meet with them and have a consult beforehand and discuss what you want. I highly reccomend an updo as its hot! 11 am might be better for you but the later you go, the hotter and more humid it could be. I remember sweat rolling down my face for our April renewal with the humidity that day. We did love 11 then we had the whole day to celebrate and it wasn't too early.

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    Thanks for all the information! I think we might lean towards the 11am time! That way we have a bit more time to get ready and hang out. I like the 4pm time, but I was starting to think, then you're just waiting around all day to start getting ready. Whereas an earlier wedding, as you said, we would then have the whole day to celebrate and do what we want.
    Can't wait!!

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    We have chosen 11am for our wedding! How long did you and your wedding party stay 'dressed up'? Just wondering if it's worth it to get my makeup done for just a couple hours and then have it washed off while we are at the beach. Also, thinking about doing welcome bags for our guests when they arrive, what would be some things to include in them? Trying to think of things that maybe people usually forget to bring. Some things I thought of were, chap stick and a small can of bug spray.

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    Awesome! We had our little reception with cake and bubbly, walked around the resort and took pictures and that was it. Stopped at the beach bar for a drink and then went back to the room and changed into our suits and hit the beach. It is very warm so I didn't want to stay in my dress too long.
    As far as gifts, maybe a small bottle of rum cream,lip balm, sun screen, bug spray, CSA key chain. Tons of great things in the gift shops. It you'd like some more advice or a couple of pictures, feel free to email me at, Sara

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    Hello, we are planning a wedding at Couples San Souci in September 2018. I have a question, does anyone have advice on how to travel with my dress? Also, if it has wrinkles, is there a way to get them out?

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