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    Default X-Mas Lights CSA

    Do people bring there own lights to wrap around the railings on there patios? We will be there 12/9-19. Are there outlets on patio to plug them in ?

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    Yes, but bring the battery powered ones.

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    I believe it is Couples policy to not allow guests to plug in light into the outlets. It creates a fire hazard
    I am sure someone from Couples Mgt will claiify this

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    Yes, we always do and there are outlets but you'll need an extension cord......and consider giving them to a Staff member when you take them down to leave. Your Housekeeper or the Bar Stocker.....
    whomever helped to make your trip great.

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    This will be our 3rd time to CSA and every year we see lights. This will be our 1st Christmas there and we will bring lights and some other small decor. I'm sooo excited!

    Kevin & Angie

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    We wre at CSA last Xmas, abd stayed in a GVS. There was an outlet outside. I would suggest bringing an extension cord

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    Richli- Many people do lights, it's usally the same people who come each year at this time - it's beautiful, we have seen Christmas TREES on balconies- at night people walk through the property and check out all of the decorations.

    If there is any policy, it's not enforced -

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    How many lights, minimum (trying to pack light - no pun intended) to string along a Verandah Suite verandah?
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I've definitely seen posts by management asking people not to do this because of the fire hazard. Please consider bringing battery powered lights instead.

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