Hello, All. I hope this is ok to post here. I have been contacted by a couple of people stating that they were having a difficult time finding our walk-thru videos of CSS, CSA, and CN. Sorry about that! The posted link will take you to our YouTube channel. When you land on the page, click the "playlist" tab. That page will have a "Walk-Thru" section. Click on that and the videos will be there!
The Videos are long, a little shaky and have commentary. They are not "vacation" videos. They are a true walk thru to get an Idea of how the resorts are laid out!

We have a...

2014 CSS
2015 CSA
2016 CN
2017 CSS

We will be adding a 2018 CTI and 2018 CN

Thank you again, and sorry about the confusion!
Here is the link!