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    Good morning,
    I'm looking to book at Tower Isle but am having difficulty understanding the layout of the resort in regards to the room descriptions. I found someone post a wonderful map for Swept Away (in this thread; does anyone have a map or layout similar to this?
    Thank you!

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    Welcome to Couples

    A map like you are requesting is less useful for Tower Isle because of the layout of this resort. Each building will have multiple room categories. In very general terms, the room category in each room sill depend upon how unobstructed the view of the ocean. The better rooms will have an unobstructed view of the ocean and the island. The lesser rooms will have the view obstructed by some degree by vegetation. The garden rooms will be on the opposite side of the building with no ocean view. You will find most room categories in each building. An exception would be the new Villa room categories. These do not have an ocean view and some are near the road.

    Also. The building near the main pool with the gym, photo shop, and pool grill does not have an elevator. Some of the other buildings do not have elevators but have walkways to the buildings with elevators. Something to consider if you have a problem with stairs.

    The old Couples website used to have interactive maps of each resort. It would be nice if they would bring this feature back. These would be especially useful for coupled going to one of the resorts for the first time.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 132 more days until our first trip to Couples Negril
    Jack and Kathy
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    We have been to CTI 2x, we had a Deluxe Ocean in Building 4 on our first visit. The room was on the first floor of building 4 and had a great view of the Island.

    We paid for Premier on our 2nd trip and was upgraded to a 1 bedroom suite in building 3.

    The Deluxe Ocean and Suite rooms were not really very far from each other. The suite had a huge bathroom and a walk in closet and a separate living room and was very nice but we really did not stay in the room that much. Our next trip, I might consider a lower category and get an extra night. You get the same amenities at Couples regardless of the room category.

    Building 5 which I believe is "superior" faces in another direction than the rest of the buildings

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    Thank you so much! We settled on Deluxe Ocean as we hope to be spending most our time out.

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