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    Default Happy Feet at Couples Negril

    November on the beach at Couples Negril
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    Default Romance

    Romance is abloom at Couples Negril
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    Default Ocean Sunset

    Ocean and Spirits galore at Couples Negril
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    Default swept away oct 16 thru oct 21 2009

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    Default Couples Negril Oct.11-16

    The crystal clear waters in!Look at my tootsies!!
    I can't believe I found a starfish!!!
    So in love!!!
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    Default November Picture Contest

    Pictures of my lover and I taken from under the sea, mon
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    Default November Photo Contest

    Me & my hubby went on our honeymoon to Couples Tower Isle May 10th-May 17th & it was amazing. It was out first trip to Jamaica and I can say for sure it wont be out last. The only bad thing that happened while we were there is my camera broke. I had bought it just for the honeymoon it was waterproof and all that jazz and shorted out. So the pictures of our wonderful honeymoon were cut short. So these are the best of what I have and I hope you enjoy even if we dont get the prize. Hopefully we can return home soon with a well working camera and take millions more

    1)Stealin a moment while playing on the paddle boats. I guess thats what they were called.
    2) Getting ready to enjoy some bayside!
    3)Taking in the view on the Island
    4)Gettin down on the dance floor our last night there
    5)Us & the fireman at the beach party!
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    2nd trip to Couples. Stayed at CSA Nov 6-14th

    1. Beach and Trees
    2. Balcony View
    3. Snorkeling
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    Default Sweet Love and Sunshine Honeymoon!! Couples Ocho Rios September 28 2005

    1. Sweet Sunset on the Tower Island
    2. Just Hanging Around
    3. D'jhah makin me tursty Mon
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    Here is my first submission:

    CTI - November 11-18 2009.

    The beautiful Couples Tower Isle resort a panoramic splendor!

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    Sept 2009 Couples Swept Away

    Romantic Sunset
    Swept Away 2009
    Couples Comic!

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    Default Photo contest

    1. A relaxing afternoon on the heavanly beach at Couples Negril.

    2. A fun sunny day shopping with the vendors on the beach at Couples Negril.

    3. Stealing a kiss on the beatiful day on Couples Negril beach.
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    Default Photo Contest Entry, Nov. 2009

    Here's some pictures that I took at CSA:

    1. This truly kind and lovely man does a workshop on using local herbs and plants.
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    2. Serenade on the beach
    Name:  IMG_3033,cropped.jpg
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    3. Brief rainstorm from our beautiful room.
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    Cool panorama Barren. How did you do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpinJen View Post
    Cool panorama Barren. How did you do that?
    I just stood out on the dock and shot a series of pictures doing a full 360 turn... Then I used a function in Photoshop to stitch them together. Whats funny is I had a new point and shoot camera on vacation and didn't read the manual beforehand, I found it has a nice built-in stitch feature.

    It's not perfect, I had to crop a bit off of the pictures because I did it all by hand, I didn't have a tri-pod, which would have made it nearly perfect.

    I also found it had pre-sets for night shots, sunsets, and beach pictures as well... I could have taken more vivid shots had I read the manual, oh well.. there is always next year! I'll pack a small tri-pod to take extended exposure night shots and also to get a better panoramic shot on a nicer day, the sky could have been better, but I still think it's a cool shot. I'll perfect it next year!

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    Okay, my 2nd and 3rd picture are below:

    Couples Tower Isle - November 11-18th 2009.

    #2 - "No problem" - We had a flat on the way to the resort from the airport, me and a couple others on the bus decided to get involved and helped change the spare.
    As they say, "there are no problems in Jamaica, only situations", this was one of those situations and nobody was upset, we just changed the tire and were on our way.

    #3 - "Watersports fun"

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    Default Short but Sweet

    After a year's worth of planning this is all we managed to get out of the trip...checked in the afternoon of 11-14 checked out at 8:00 a.m. 11-15 as we learned the prior evening our <2 year old daughter was hospitalized back home. The pics aren't the best but through tears, shaky hands and lack of time they will have to be our memory of our 10th wedding anniversary and the vow renewal that never happened.

    Name:  Negril 09 005.jpg
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    Name:  Negril 09 007.jpg
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    Name:  Negril 09 016.jpg
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    Default Couple Tower Isle, Nov 6 - 11 / 09

    three of our favorites
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    Default Just Married - CTI - 110309

    First Pic - my new hubby's favorite - Second Pic - one of my favorite views - Third Pic - our rings in the sand after we were married at CTI - (and after Waterbird (sp?) freshly raked the beach)!
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    Default CN Dec 15 to 26 2008

    Pic 1: Spa Pond Bird. Heron who hangs out at the Spa pond and is also my afternoon yoga partner.
    Pic 2: The Sweet Life.

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    Default CSA Nov. 5-12, 2009

    Jamaican Natural Beauty
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    There is no mistaking the sheer joy of being in paradise with your one true love!
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    Couples: One Love, One Life - Susan and Dan, Married 11.7.09
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    1. Sailboats at CSA
    2. Sunset
    3. RAndom boat while walking
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    Default Couples San Souci

    Jason and Laurie at Couples San Souci
    October 26 - November 2, 2009

    1. A shady view from the room's balcony

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    2. Divided Sky

    Name:  beachbow3.JPG
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    3. October Madness

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    Default Couples Negril

    Tom and Michelle - Couples, Negril
    Engagement Vacation
    November 14 - November 21

    1. The amazing water sports were included
    Name:  couples1.JPG
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    2. The top shelf liquor, too

    Name:  couples2.JPG
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    3. Also included - A little slice of heaven on earth where all of our dreams came true!!!!

    Name:  couples3.JPG
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    Default Couples Negril

    All the photo's are from Couples Negril Resort.

    1. Coconut Tree
    2. Watching the sunset.
    3. Hammock Serenity
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