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    Default Couples Negril

    Couples Negril, November 15-21 2009.

    1. Coconut Sensation
    2. Beauty of the sunset
    3. Hammock of the bay
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    Quote Originally Posted by terriv View Post
    After a year's worth of planning this is all we managed to get out of the trip...checked in the afternoon of 11-14 checked out at 8:00 a.m. 11-15 as we learned the prior evening our <2 year old daughter was hospitalized back home. The pics aren't the best but through tears, shaky hands and lack of time they will have to be our memory of our 10th wedding anniversary and the vow renewal that never happened.

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    I hope all turned out well. A vacation nightmare!

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    Default Couples Negril 11/9/09 - 11/16-09

    Beautiful sunsets every night...
    This is what I think of when I think of "paradise"...
    Franklyn makes a mean drink...
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    Default Css 11/2009

    It was raining the morning we left. Then Couples gave us a rainbow that seemed to say, "Irie,'ll be back!"
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    Default Where are new posts?

    I posted my picture entries last week and they are still not showing. Shouldn't they be at the top of the photo contest for November ? Someone please help me ! I know after a day or so my profile name showed on the top right corner saying something about recent posts - but my pics are MIA.

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    Default Our photos

    Here are some photos we took at CSA during our weddingmoon. These pictures were taken at CSA fron November 19th-24th 2009.

    1.Beach Bliss
    2.Dusk Beauty
    3.A Look Above
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    Default fun times at CN oct 31-nov 8

    1. cost of having paradise tattooed on back = $$$$$$
    time to get paradise tattooed on back = many many hours!!
    returning "home" to paradise = PRICELESS!!!!!
    CN we love you...
    2. beautiful sunset from catamaran cruise
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    Default CTI Oct 13-20

    1)Coconut man climbing
    2)Buffet fruit carving
    3)Twilight massage
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    Default Justin & Mandy photos

    Some pics from our time at Couples Negril March 2009
    1 - Pina Colada in a coconut on Couples beach
    2 - sunset on the beach
    3 - view of the sunset and palm from our room
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    Default Couples Swept Away Nov. 19th - 24th

    1. Sunset in paradise
    2. Last boat of the day
    3. After the wedding

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    Default Photo Contest Entry

    Sunset on first full day at Couples Swept Away 11/15/2009.
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    Default Heaven on Earth.....

    Wonderful 25th Anniversary. Can't wait to come back!

    1) White Shadow
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    2) Palm Sunday
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    3) Sailors Delight
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    Couples Tower Isle Oct 10-18 2009

    Evening color

    Dedication to love and life

    TI during a distant storm

    *Didn't realize a waterspout was out to sea until after this was done. Got a shot of that attached below as a non-entry

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