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    Default Picture Entries Taken at Sans Souci | Oct 30 - Nov 6

    1. Au Natural Chairs
    • This was taken on the Au Natural Beach at Sans Souci at sunset. Let your inhabitions go.

    2. Bob Marley Lives
    • .... after you consume at least 4.
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    Default 2 a.m. under a full moon at Sans Souci

    2 a.m. under full moon
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    Default November Photo Contest Entry

    Our October trip to CTI!
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    Default Nov Photo Contest

    Swept Away Oct 3-10, 2009
    A room with a view, a hidden room and a beach with plenty of room.
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    Default November Photo Contest

    Couples San Souci
    October 11-18, 2009

    1. What Heaven looks like
    2. Soul Rejuvenation
    3. A Quiet Moment
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    Our anniversary trip 10 wonderful years. Couples Swept Away and Tower Isle.
    1. Just got married! Lets go for a swim
    2.Time for a nap.
    3.Forget a sunset. WATCH THE SUNRISE!!!
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    Default november photo contest

    couples tower isle!

    Our trip was amazing not only was it beautiful and the staff memorable, I got to be apart of my sisters wedding and I can also thank our trip to the little one on the way!

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    Default Negril Couples Swept Away Incredible Sunsets

    Name:  Negril & Misc 11 2009 044.jpg
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    Name:  Negril & Misc 11 2009 096.jpg
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    Name:  Negril & Misc 11 2009 097.jpg
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    Default The BEST day ever!!!

    Name:  Wedding Jamacia 2009 259.jpg
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    Name:  wedding 27.jpg
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    Name:  wedding 24.jpg
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    Default Spectacular Sunsets & Black /White Photo

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    Default Memories from our visit to CSA

    We were lucky enough to visit Couples Swept Away from Oct 31 through Nov 5, 2009. It was our first time to a Couples resort, and we are hoping it will not be our last!
    1. Magnificent sunset
    2. Looking up from our beachside hammock.
    3. Sunset behind the palm.
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    Default Couples,Negril..Oct.11-16,2009

    Name:  DSCF0467.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF0631.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF0516.jpg
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    sandy feet
    sunset on the beach
    Me and my guy in the hotel pool
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    Default Afew of our favorites

    We were there on our honeymoon, 10/18 - 10/28. Couples Tower Isle.

    1. Parallel Palms
    2. Wide angle Pier
    3. Island & Sky

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    Default couples,NegrilOct.11-16th,2009

    Sunset on the Catamaran Cruise
    Sandy feet
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    Default For your consideration - Nov. photo contest

    CSA - May May 10th - 16th
    More Than Words
    The Glorious Ride
    Happily Ever After
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    Default Nov 7th to 14th, 2009

    First time to Couples Swept Away. Had a great time. We have been home for less than 24 hours and already miss it.
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    Default Our vacation at CSA

    We were at Couples Swept Away October 31 through November 5, 2009.
    We felt blessed to be at such a beautiful resort.
    1. The view looking up from the hammock.
    2. Sunset and palm tree
    3. Sunset
    -Renee and Jamie Miller
    Granger, IN
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    Default Our vacation at CSA

    We were lucky enough to vacation at Couples Swept Away from October 31 through November 5, 2009.
    1. Looking up from the hammock
    2. Sunset
    3. Sunset and palm tree
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    Default Photos for Contest

    We took a "Babymoon" to Couples Swept Away Oct. 12-17, 2009. The staff took such pride in keeping it clean and making the guests happy!! We'll definitely be back.
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    Here are 3 pictures from our 25th anniversary trip to CSA in June:

    1. The Flame Coffee Drink at Feathers

    2. Hubby and I dancing on the beach at sunset

    3. Limbo Dancers at The Palms,

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    Default Sorry for the multiple postings...

    I was impatient and kept sending when I didn't see anything posted over the weekend.

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    Default Couples Tower Isle

    Week of October 24, 2009
    Our 27th Anniversary and our third trip to the "Grand Old Lady"
    Scot and Tina Deutsch of Pittsburgh, PA
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    Default Mike & Kay Lynn CN Oct. 24-31 2009

    Couples Negril 10/24-31
    1. A stop at The Cold Beer Joint
    2. Jamaican Haze and 2 full moons
    3. Jamaica after dark

    Name:  Jamaica 2009 007.jpg
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    Name:  Jamaica 2009 219.jpg
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    Name:  Jamaica 2009 055.jpg
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