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    Default Couples Resorts Halloween Activities 2017

    10:00am Orientation (Lobby)
    11:00am Zomby V.S Living Beach Volleyball (Main Beach)
    11:30am Spooktacular Minds (Swimup Bar)
    12:00pm Mummy Wrapping Competition (Nude Island)
    1:00pm Thriller Dance Class (Veggie Bar)
    1-3pm Hat Making Class (Craft Vendor)
    2:00pm Pumpkin Carving (Veggie bar)
    2:00pm Balloon Monsters (Nude Island)
    3:00pm Balloon Monsters (Swimup Bar)
    3:00pm Dead V.S Living (Pool Volleyball)
    4:00pm Skeleton Dash (Swimup Bar)
    4:00pm Zombie V.S Living Beach Volleyball (Main Beach)
    5:00pm Orientation (Lobby)
    7:30pm Fuxion Band
    8:30pm Showtime “Shelly Dance Group / Zapato” (Main Stage)
    9:30pm Showtime “Public Report” (Main Stage)
    10:00pm Enter the Dungeon Dance Party “DJ SMOOCH” (Lounge)
    10:15pm Piano Sing Along (Craygon) Piano Bar
    10:30pm Ballads under the Stars “Moses Beckford” (Beach)

    10:00am Resort Orientation – Lobby
    11:15am Fear Factor Challenge – Towel Hut
    12:00pm Pumpkins Carving - Boardwalk
    1:30pm Find the Stars Scavenger Hunt- Boardwalk
    2:30pm Spooky Quiz – Pool Bar
    3:00pm Scavenger Hunt– Boardwalk
    5:00pm Resort Orientation – Lobby
    7:00pm Face Painting – Grand Stairwell
    8:00pm Mello Vybz – Cassava Terrace
    8:00pm Local Talent – Cassava Terrace
    8:30pm Contestant Photo Shoot – Meet Grand Stairwell
    8:45pm Mr. & Mrs. Spooky Costume Competition – Cassava Terrace
    9:00pm Showtime (Tammy T) – Cassava Terrace
    10:00pm Dance Party– Piano Bar

    10: 00am Resort Orientation-
    Main lobby
    11:00am Beach Volleyball- South BeacH
    11:00am Margarita Mixology Class- Main Beach
    11:30am *Fear Factor Challenge- Main Beach
    12:00pm * Spot the Witch See activity board for clues
    1:30pm * Pumpkin Carving Competition Main Beach
    2:30pm * Horror Movie Trivia Main Beach
    6:30PM Hallowversary Costume & Cocktail Party South LawnLive Entertainment and Free Face Painting
    8:45 pm Costume Competition Palms Restaurant
    9:00pm Blazing Piano Aura Lounge
    9:15pm HALLOVERSARY SHOWCASE Palms Restaurant
    11:00pm “Blood on the dance Floor” Party Aura Nightclub
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    Quite a fun schedule, but it sounds really fun.

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    How about CSS?
    The Beachers - Chris and Jackie

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    What about CSS?
    The Beachers - Chris and Jackie

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    Hi Michelle. We will be at CSS for Halloween. I too am interested in the activities for CSS.

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    Pirates of The Caribbean

    8-10 a.m. Tennis Lessons (Tennis courts)
    9:00 a.m. Aerobics (Fitness pavilion)
    10:00 a.m. Orientation (Games room)
    11:00 a.m. Aquacise (Mineral pool)
    11:30 a.m. Halloween Trivia (Main Pool)
    11:30 a.m. Halloween Trivia (Sunset beach)
    12:30 p.m. Pumpkin Carving (Main lawn)
    12:30 p.m. Pumpkin Carving (Sunset beach)
    12:30 p.m. Webb Tie Dye Class (Main pool)
    2:00 p.m. Mummy Wrapping (Main pool deck)
    3:00p.m. Find the skull Hunting Games (Main lawn)
    3:00pm Find the skull Hunting Games (Sunset beach)
    5:00 p.m. Orientation (Games room)
    8:00 p.m. Costume Competition (MAIN LAWN)
    8:30 p.m. Silver Birds Orchestra (MAIN LAWN)
    9:45 p.m. Shipwreck Disco Party (SUNSET BEACH)
    Michelle Gordon
    On-Island Social Media Coordinator
    Couples Resorts

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    Looking good so far Can you provide more info on these activities?
    A child's mental health is just as important as their physical health and deserves the same quality of support. - Kate Bones

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