My wife and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary this November and have narrowed our trip to CSA or CN. While we have traveled a good amount over the years, this will be our first AI vacation and trip to Jamaica so we are looking to make it a as great, romantic, special, and fun time as possible.

We have done a ton of research on both resorts and have looked at a lot or reviews, pic, pricings, etc., and are looking for input from those who have stayed at either CSA or CN and even more so for those who have stayed at both (or visited both using the Rewards Program for day trips).

So we know that both resorts would be great but looking for input and answers on the following:

Both beaches I am sure are awesome but is one better over the other (water clarity, beach itself, traffic, etc)?

We are looking for one with a nicer pool/swim up as we want to do a few trips to the swim up bar but the pool is not overly essential if the beach is great and where we may spend majority of time.

Rooms- Nice, clean, somewhat convenient to the resort but doubtful we'll pay for an upgrade as we probably won't spend that much time in the room. Right now it would most likely be the Garden Veranda Suite at CSA or Deluxe Ocean at CN. Would you consider either of the rooms of these to be more secluded/romantic over the other.

Restaurants- Quite certain both resorts are excellent and similar but ideally looking for nice variety and some that cater to or offer seafood as we are both big seafood fans.

Activities- Both water activities and excursions appear to be the same so I am not sure if there is a big difference with this.

Nightlife/Activities- Probably not a huge factor as if we are having some drinks during the day in the sun and a few at night, we may be wiped out by 10 or 11 anyway.

Layout/Convenience of either resort- I know that CSA is a bit of a larger, more spread out resort with Villa style rooms so does anyone consider this a bit of an issue or like it as may be more secluded feel/vibe to it? Conversely, at CN everything is supposed to be centrally located around the pool which is probably very convenient but wonder if it can have a feel of being "too crowded" at times. I can see pros and cons of both layouts so very interested in this topic.

Does anyone know if the Rewards Program is offered for first time visitors to either resort as we would probably take a Day trio to whichever one we don't choose just to try it out during the day.

Any other tips, suggestions, input, etc., between CSA and CN is absolutely welcome and appreciated as we want to make our 25th a very memorable anniversary.

Thanks much and look forward to the input!!