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    Default YIPPIE!! Just Booked CSA for June 2010

    Yippie!! Finally just said the hell with all the debating about which room to choose. We love Couples & stayed at CN last trip which was one of our very favorite vacations ever. We travel a few times a year so we are definitely experienced travelers & Couples is the best!! We have never forgotten the service & the smiles.
    So we decided to try CSA this trip, 2 weeks for June!! We booked the BFVS!! and now we just have to wait the long & cold 7 months!!

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    You will LOVE CSA< have a GREAT trip!

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    The BFVS are great! I'm jealous - have a great trip!

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    When in June? My FH and I are researching how many nights and at which hotels... We are thinking of CSA May 31- June 7 and Either CTI or CSS June 7-11.

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    dirtlegs at CSA June 15-22.

    See ya'll at the beach!

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    redinthehead and DH @ CSA june 8-16. Oh that feels good to write.

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