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    Default Wedding options at CTI????

    Hello, Does anyone know if there are wedding options like at CSS at CTI? I looked online; however, I didn't find any. TIA

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    If you mean like wedding locations (beach, garden, etc.) or music, flower options then yes, they do.

    Is that what you are referring to?

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    Yes, but I didn't see the wedding locations online. I did see the flower options.

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    Location options include beach, grassy area west of swim up bar pool, pier, garden area...which seem to be the most popular. You may want to contact the wedding coordinator at CTI for other locations through the Couples site at:

    Bart & Bug

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    These are the pics the wedding coordinator, Debbie sent me. She said these were the only pics she had and there was no longer a gazebo.

    I plan to just make a decision when I get there. I really wanted garden, foliage as my location, but sometimes the grass looks yellow in pics I've seen and the resort is new, so i'm afraid their plants won't be lush. It seems CN, CSS or CSA have the best garden type atmospheres. I wish CTI did, but i haven't seen any pics that show much greenery.

    I am having trouble attaching the beach pic. I will keep trying.
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