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    So it will be over 2 years since my last visit to CSS by the time I finally make it back home. My fiancé has never been to Jamaica so I'm looking for a fun excursion to do while we are there. I've been to Jamaica 4 times so I have done some of the excursions but there are some I'm interested in trying and need to decide which one to do since I know being new parents we will likely only have the energy for one before sand gravity overtakes us. In the past I have done Blue Hole/Scotchies, Dunns River, and the Glistening Waters Tour. Has anyone done the horseback riding excursion and can you offer any details on it? I'd love to do Glistening Waters again but does anyone know what time you leave the resort/what time you return? And how long does it take to get there? When I did this I stayed at a resort in Rose Hall so I'm just not sure how long it would take to travel to Falmouth from Ocho Rios. Any other advice on excursions offered at the resort? We don't want to spend a ton of time away from the resort because we are only staying 6 days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    We really enjoyed going to Bob Marleys mausoleum up in he hills at 9 Mile, maybe not for everyone. Great to see the non tourist Jamaica. This was a 1/2 day morning tour from CSS.

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    Hi Mom of a Bean,

    We've done the Hooves horseback plantation/ocean riding tour. It started at the Great House and went down to the ocean. The guides showed us some of the local plants and such along the way (very interesting). Once we got to the ocean they had us dismount while they remove the saddles (English) off the horses then had us remount and have a run in the ocean with the horses (that was a blast). Afterwards they re-saddled the horses, offering the opportunity to purchase hand-made items from a local vendor, followed by a ride back to the Great House. The guides were very professional, the horses were well maintained/trained/cared for and they didn't make you wear a bicycle helmet, provided you're willing to sign the waiver. Overall we were really happy with the excursion. Have a great stay at CSS!!

    Bart and Bug

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    We did the Glistening Water from CSS. It was about a 45 minute drive. I think we left at about 5:30 pm. We got back at about 10:30 pm after our driver abandoned us in the parking lot for over an hour.

    Check the moon phase and moon rise and moon set times before you plan to go to Glistening Waters. We where there when it was almost a full moon so there wasn't much glistening to see. I imagine it would be fantastic on a moonless or cloudy night.

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    Something we've done at each of the Couples resorts is to get a private driver and car for the day (or really as long as you want). The travel desk or senior staff can hook you up. Then tell the driver your interests and they'll craft you a custom, less touristy, day visiting the local sites. During one trip I was interested in the local foods and Rasta culture, and had an amazing lunch at a local Rasta roadside stop and the associated farm. We visited a waterfall, watched some horses enjoy the Jamaica sun, toured around for awhile, then enjoyed the sunset at a beach pull-out. While we love our time at the resort, with beach gravity in full effect, our favorite memories are these off-resort excursions.

    Don't just stick with what you find on the Internet, ask a local! You won't forget the experience. We haven't.

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    Great advice Micanopy but what is the approximate cost of a driver for the day

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    Wow! Thank you all for the great advice! This is why I love Couples! You meet such great people! I want this to be an amazing experience for my fiancé as this will be his first time out of the country as an adult (he was born in Bermuda but has been in the states since he was a few months old). I am definitely leaning toward the horse back riding and/or Glistening Waters. The Glistening Waters tour was absolutely amazing when I did it with my parents a few years ago. We were lucky enough to go on a night the moon wasn't bright at all so we saw a lot of the bioluminescence! It was absolutely incredible and I think he would love it! Did the tour include a walking tour of Falmouth? The one we did included it and I think it was one of my favorite things I've experienced in Jamaica. I loved learning about the history of Falmouth and our tour guide was amazing!

    How long did the horseback riding excursion last? I love riding and I think this sounds like an incredible experience.

    Has anyone booked parasailing? I went parasailing at the resort in Rose Hall and I loved it! This is something he would love to do...we wanted to go in Virginia Beach this year but found out I was pregnant so it was off the table for this summer. I know CSS doesn't offer this option but is there anywhere in Ocho that does? Anyone know how to go about setting it up and the cost?

    I've been dying to do 9 Mile (although I don't know if my fiancé would enjoy it as much as I would) and book a tour with a local because I absolutely love Jamaica and the culture. There are so many fun things to do in Jamaica! I'm glad I have a long time to consider what tour we should do hahaha! I want him to experience Jamaica off the resort but I also want to make sure we have time to relax and enjoy SSB. We will be having our first child sometime in the next 18 days and I know we will be exhausted and wanting to reconnect without a screaming infant by July hahaha!

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    From the time they picked us up at CSS to the time they dropped us back there...about 4-5 hours. It only took about 20-30 minutes to get there and the ride lasted 2-3 hours. Lots of fun and the guides were great. They have everyone ride single-file, for safety, but allow those that demonstrate experience a little freedom. They made sure everyone had a good time...including the horses. They didn't have the horses doing anything that would cause an issue (swimming in the ocean).

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