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    Default Repeaters Dinner

    Looking to find some info on the repeaters dinner.
    Is it a certain night? Once/Twice a week? Do you tell the desk when you get there?
    Dress code should be like for Feathers etc?

    Thanks All!!

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    Since you mentioned Feathers.. I'm making assuming you are asking about the Repeater's Dinner at CSA. If yes, it is once a week on Mondays.

    If I am not mistaken the invitation card they give you at check in for the repeater's dinner says attire "Resort Casual" but not 100% sure since I'm going from my foggy memory. Dress code is more lax than Feathers. I've seen people that really dressed up for it and some couples who don't dress up. I used to to dress up but started wearing dress shorts and button down knit shirt the last couple times we have attended and it was fine and did not received any dirty looks for the "Dress Police" LOL. The "Mrs." has worn dresses to dress pants to capris and it was ok too.

    They have the repeaters dinner usually at Patios which you know or if you don't know.... is open air dining so I started dressing down more it just for comfort reason than anything else since we typically go in July where humidity usually feels like its over 100%. Last year they actually held it at Feathers so I was ok dressing up since we were in A/C. Maybe with the start of renovations last year and occupancy being lower than usual, they decided to hold it at Feathers and I'm sure they also gauge how many repeaters plan on attending as well to determine where to have it but like I said I have always attended it at Patois every year we've been with exception of last year. I do have to say... the repeater dinners are usually one of the better or highlight meals we have for the week. Also, lobster is typically part of the main entree at the repeater's dinner if it is in season.

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    It is once again week on a designated night. When you arrive they will give an invitation to attend. No dress code...usually casual but some will dress it up a bit.

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    its Mondays at csa. You get an invite in your welcome packet when you check in. Its not strict like like Feathers but most dress up somewhat because its a nice dinner.

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    At CSS it is once a week and historically has been on Wednesday night.

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    On the dress code, we do dress up a bit for that night. Probably the nicest we dress during our stay. It is a special night, after all. But some are more casual in their dress and that's fine. This will be our 5th stay coming up and we may pass up this dinner this tiem around. Kind of been there, done that. We'll see how we feel once we arrive.

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    Thanks All for the replies. Much appreciated.
    Yes, it is CSA we go back to.

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