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    Default Beach traffic on Bloody Bay

    Howdy All,

    Have been AWOL for a few years as we explored other destinations. Looking at maybe coming home in March 2018 with some Couples Negril virgins. I tried to search the board but that functionality leaves a bit to be desired. Anyway, how much busier is the beach with that new monstrosity next door? Thanks!!!

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    sdsherman, will let you know in a couple weeks! :-)
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    We just got back and I would say it was noticeably busier but not to a level that bothered us at all. The biggest thing we noticed was a few more families walking but it was never an issue. Some families start walking down the beach make it to the AN section and turn around. We made a game of it and however lost had to go get the next round. We were surprised that the traffic wasn't worse. The biggest change is the landscape towards the point but by the end of our trip we hardly noticed that place. The only time if came up during the week was when we met a couple on the beach that had just transferred over from that place and the horror stories they shared with us...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowahawkeyes View Post
    some families start walking down the beach make it to the an section and turn around. We made a game of it and however lost had to go get the next round.
    :d :d
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    Funny thing is that young kids would care the least about seeing naked people. They would mainly wonder why they need to wear a swim suit. Little kids run around naked all the time.

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    In July there was some extra foot traffic from next door. Needless to say it was the slow time and it wasn't bothersome. We did hear someone from over there with a loudspeaker, probably at their pool...a bit distracting!

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    My wife and I were there the first week in July and from the 6-14 in September. The new resort was fairly busy and the resort next door was some where around 35-40%.
    Both times the traffic was not very busy. We spent most of our time on the beach (a/n and main beach) and foot traffic was not a issue.
    We have now been to CN 9 times and love this area. As stated there was a little more noise for some music and speakers from the new resort but it wasn't bothersome.
    We are up early in the mornings and usually walk the bay before breakfast and it's a quiet time for us. On our walks we had met a couple of people who were staying at the new resort and they had quiet a few horror stories to relate about it.
    It sure shoes to have a impact on us and the fun time a CN. Already planned for out trip next year.

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    We just got back from our first trip to CN after 3 stays at CSA. We even did a Trading Places at CSA this time as well. Even with the monster next door (and it is a monster and there is a lot of broadcasted noise coming from all 3 of their pool areas during day) we agreed that foot traffic at CN is way less than it is at CSA.

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