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    Default Boston loosing another Jamaica flight service

    Just as we here around Boston Logan International Airport begin to feel good about having an airline that was providing non stop flight service to Jamaica we get the word. THEY ARE PULLING THE PLUG!

    The announcement was just released and apparently May 2, 2010 US Airways plans to shut down its Boston operation. YOU #@%$&*^@%$#^^$%#$#%^ and a few more words that I know Randymon would never let pass.

    We waited 4 years for non stop service to return to Boston and trust me those flights were full. They now say "too bad".

    What was once a 4 hour flight will now return to being an all day fiasco on an airline stuck somewhere waiting for your connecting flight to take off. The return of wasting your first day on vacation and your first paid day at the resort. FUN.

    I can only hope and pray that I make it to April without hearing "Your flight has been cancelled."

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    Sorry Jimbo, but you won't get much sympathy here. There are no direct flights out of Denver to MBJ. It takes us all day long to get there and back. Next Saturday we leave Denver at 1am and arrive MBJ at 11:30am. We do get to Couples with a partial day left, but it still will have taken us 14 hours to get there.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    You have got to be kidding!!...are there any other airlines that have non-stop service to Jamaica as my wife and I are going to Couples in November 2010. This will be our first time to Couples.

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    That sure isn't good for Boston people! However, we had a flight on AA this past October that left Boston at 5:40 am. It landed in Miami and arrived at MBJ at 10:35 am. We were very pleased with the whole experience. We were right on time for all the flights. I was a little apprehensive using AA out of Boston, but we will definately do that flight again.

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    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!

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    The same thing happened, no more direct flights out of CVG to Jamaica. I loved that flight, but no more.
    Irie Mon

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    I also thought the AA throught Miami was good. did it in October and are doing it again for Thanksgiving. The price was decent as well this year - the least we have ever got to Jamaica for.

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    The only bad thing on that is if you buy any booze while in Jamaica you now have to pack it in your suitcase and pray it doesn't get broken by those nice baggage handlers.

    This not only affects vacationers but the Jamaican population here in the Boston area.

    Just when you thought things were looking up that dreaded seagull drops whitewash on you. Damn good thing cows don't fly!

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    Take a shuttle to charm city (Baltimore) the night before, stay in a nearby hotel and catch the 7am Air Jamaica to MBJ!

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    I know too well the experience of a broken bottle! I bought rum in the airport. When I got to Charlotte last year I packed it in my suitcase. We collected our bags in Boston. I could smell a very strong smell of booze. I was looking around me to see who the person was that drank so much on the flight. As we were walking out of the airport I noticed my trail of liquid. I guess the baggage handlers broke off the neck of the bottle and it was everywhere in my suitcase. Until we can find a direct flight again I guess we will have to give up buying booze in Jamaica.

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    The bad news is we are losing that direct flight home on USAir. The good news is that Jet Blue is offering direct flights now. So there is still hope for us here in New England.

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    You may want to check JetBlue. I noticed they mention they will be starting non-stop service to MBJ in January 2010. The only drawback is that it doesn't appear the flight will be early AM.

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    Keep an eye on Jet Blue and Air Trans. They might be the next ones to step up to the plate and provide a non stop service.

    As it is now I have few good words for the airlines and they wonder why the general public is frustrated with them.

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    Gary and I know how you are feeling. We were hoping we could find a direct flight from Tucson or Phoenix to Miami and then to Jamaica. Our last flight was so long and we basically wasted two days traveling. Unfortunately, are best flights take us to Dallas first (which is an absolute mess), then to Maimi, and at last Jamaica. Hope yours works out in the end! Maybe with enough public pressure.

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    Jami and Gary,
    We hope you get to find better flights for our next trip to Couples!

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    Default Blockheads

    There is a Phoenix to Charlotte to MBJ flight on US Air that you might want to check out.

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    The irritating part is we are always watching the Come to Jamaica commercials on TV and it promotes Air Jamaica. Sad part is Air Jamaica doesn't fly out of Boston anymore.

    It will be interesting to see which airlines step up to the plate with the void US Air will cause.

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    The evening before our trip, we're driving 2.5 hours to Charlotte (even though we live 10 mins from Raleigh-Durham), and then picking up a direct flight from there to MBJ first thing out in the morning. It actually ends up being a little cheaper (even including hotel for the night, gas, and dinner that night). It's worth it to us.

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    Boston to Charlotte, NC then to Montego Bay left 8am got to Couples Swept Away around 4pm. Montego Bay to Boston left Couples at Noon got to Boston at 830pm. US Airways is not making me happy these days.

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