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    Default We just booked for our 20th/transfer question??

    Hi everyone,

    I'm so excited! We just booked our trip to CN for Feb 13 - 20th (104 days!!!) We haven't been anywhere by ourselves without kids since our honeymoon. Anyway I have been reading the boards and am wondering about transfer back to airport if your flight isn't leaving until later in afternoon. Can you stay at resort for some of day. Is there a schedule so that we don't miss out on our last day at resort???

    Love to hear from anyone else who will be there at that time and any fun things we should know about!!!



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    They will give you a paper stating when you need to have your luggage outside your room and what time the bus will leave for you. Also, what you need to do to check out. We had a 2:30 flight last year and we left the resort about 10. NO Problem Mon, Couples takes good care of you.

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    Typically you leave the resort 4 hours prior to your flight. You could shorten that by flying Timair, if cost isn't an issue. But you have to vacate your room by 11:00am. I'm not sure if they have late check-outs.

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    Something to remember is that for international flights, you need to check in at the airport about 3 hours prior to departure. This year we flew Delta and had no problems at all. Everything went very quickly and we had time to shop at the airport for the alcohol and have lunch. Last year there were lines everywhere and barely had time to eat, let alone do any shopping. You need to check in at the airport for the flight and then go through security and then immigration.

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