From Bourbon Beach, we hiked back one mile and cut through to Manly Boulevard at CocoLaPalm. Best In The West is right across the street.
This is a great example of the "drum can cooking" you may have seen on Anthony Bourdain's Jamaica piece.
Of the three stops, we all agreed the chicken was the best here. Moist, great smoke flavor, and the combination of standard jerk sauce (Grays and ketchup) gave it a sweet heat.

Last stop, Ossies. Just 50 yards south of CSA (you can see the south lobby in the photo.) The cooker is sort of a half drum, half steam table configuration.
While their chicken is good, the star of the show is the jerk pork.

And here are the prized sauces. Ossie's green on the left and the fiery brown from Bourbon Beach on the right.