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    Default Redirects, Cookies and the message board

    Maybe there is a post on this already, just couldn't find it.

    So if I view the couples website with my normal browser (firefox or explorer) and normal browser settings, I get constant redirects when using the message board and am unable to read a topic. The suggested fix is to disable cookies - I do this and it works once. Then goes back to accepting cookies. When I use Chrome, I can disable cookies for the Couples site without it reverting back. However, since I'm not accepting cookies, I have to log in every time I want to make a comment and am unable to post photos, attachments, etc.

    Is this happening to anyone else? It happens at work, on my ipad (safari) and home computer. I thought I'd see a highlighted post instructing people on how to deal with this, but I must be missing it.

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    I am using Internet Explorer 11 and I do not have this issue. Cookies are enabled and it keeps me logged in. I am using a link page that links to: No redirect, no problem displaying and replying to threads.
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    Look at the URL after you click on a thread title. It reads just what this thread is titled. Never noticed that before. My Firefox works fine though.

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    Nope. No problems here running Google Chrome

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    I haven't used Internet Explorer for years. Too many issues. Microsoft doesn't even support Internet Explorer anymore.

    I have been using Chrome for several years. Never had an issue with redirects on this website.

    Malware? Since Internet Explorer hasn't been supported for over 18 months it is loaded with vulnerabilities. I personally think some nasty malware has made it into your computer and is causing these redirects. Once this gets into your computer it can affect all of your web browsers.
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