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    My husband and I will be heading to CSA in August for 2 weeks. He uses a feeding tube for all feedings because he can not swallow anything. We will have to bring all of his cans of nutrition
    packed in a suitcase meaning 2-3 cans 3 times per day. We are now wondering if ANYONE knows if they sell Ensure or Muscle Milk (powered) in the grocery stores in Negril? I've written and
    asked CSA but I think those people are in Montego Bay. So, if anyone happens to go into a grocery type store could you check and see what kind of canned protein drinks they carry. It will
    help us so very much. Thanks for reading this, my husband is going to miss the jerk chicken so much!!

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but you could call the resort directly and find out. Here is the direct number for Swept Away: 876.957.4061
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    momof2 ,

    Our Supermarkets do sell Ensure, so that is available. Note though that it may be much pricier that what you would pay at home.
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    Keep in mind too that products, although the label is the same, may be very different in different countries. The Ensure sold there may not be at all similar to what you are accustomed to buying back home.

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    Perhaps ask on the meetup board if anyone who will be there the same week as you would be willing to throw a few cans into their luggage as well. Or even people arriving before, assuming the resort would be willing to save it for you. I would certainly help out, but my visit is not until November.

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    Thanks for all of your help. We still don't know what we'll do but at least we know that ENSURE is available in town. Only 17 more days to count down!! Any more suggestions or what
    anyone else has done are welcome.

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    I don't understand your question but keep in mind the label is same in but different in different countries. I recommended you the direct number for Swept Away: 876.957.4061, I hope this is very helpful for you.

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    I wonder if you could just ship a case directly to the resort, that way you don't have to worry about carrying it yourself and you will know the specifics of what you'll have.

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    Try calling the resort... Couples is AI... including all meals, and they will generally accommodate special dietary needs. Perhaps they will handle this for you.

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    Thanks everyone for your answers. We returned last night from Swept Away and everything was perfect. They do carry Ensure in all of the grocery stores. My husband packed enough of his
    "food" so he had enough. The Veggie Bar was great as they blended all sorts of fruit juices with his protein powder that he took. If anyone has any questions about Swpet Away please let me know.

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    momof2 - GREAT to hear!!

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