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    Quote Originally Posted by Piperman View Post
    Well Iowahawkeye, maybe you see it a little thing, but when your smoke drifts from your balcony to mine giving my wife a migraine, which has happened, then it's no logger a little thing. Respect the law!
    You have to actually understand the law, and how it applies in this case before you can say someone is disrespecting it...

    And the funny thing is - read our posts - IowaHawkeyes and I are NOT (cigarette) smokers - we're both just letting people know what is actually happening at the resort and what to expect - smoker or not...

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    Like I've said I'm not a smoker so it won't be my smoke drifting anywhere. And like your wife I suffer from migraines although cigarette smoke isn't a trigger for me. One of my triggers is the smell of burnt rubber, I have zero control over when I might smell this and with my profession it can actually happen at work, it sucks! Regarding your last sentence I don't think you know what you're saying. Have you read the law? I have and it's borderline at best about balconies which might be why ashtrays still exist, and like I've said multiple times someone stepping off their balcony and smoking causes the same issue but isn't breaking any documented rule and certainly isn't breaking the law as written. My point isn't to defend smokers, why would I, I can't really stand to smell the smoke myself. My point is that in the reality it happens, and it's usually not a problem for most guests. I feel sorry for your wife in Jamaica if just the smell triggers a migraine like my trigger does for me because how do you avoid the smell at all times? Smoking seems to be so much more prevalent in Jamaica than the US and I get whiffs all the time from people that aren't breaking any rule or law. We just got back a few weeks ago and we almost completely avoided our balcony because of the smell but we're almost never in the room so it didn't really bother us. Respect everyone!

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    We have not been to CN in a few years but there were no ashtrays on the balconies at CTI and CSS on our last 3 visits, at least in our room. The law did state that smoking was not allowed under covered spaces and it also mentioned 3 meters from any door. If the doorway part of the law is still valid then you cannot smoke on the balconies unless they are huge.

    Bottom line for us, it really bothers my wife and she will not sit on the balcony if someone is smoking, then it affects me. If Couples allows it to continue then we will go somewhere else.

    Iowahawkeye, "Jamaica" was enclosed in quotes, not parenthesis. I was curious earlier if Tbrooks330 thought that it was "ok" to smoke on the balcony even if it bothered someone before you corrected me. Also, there are a lot more smokers at the resort than people burning rubber so there is a better chance that a guest will get a migraine from cigarette smoke.

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    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" -- Bob Marley.

    The amount of judgemental/"law" quoting responses are amazing coming from people visiting a land that they are not native to. Speak to some of the people who's land you are enjoying because your law spewing/judgemental statements are what the bulk of the island have been fighting for decades to change. Do your research about a country's culture before spouting your "American-nized" views regarding ethics in a country that apparently you have no clue on the actual culture & history of. When employees are smoking while on duty inside a shack i think "you" are misguided on what is acceptable in "their" country. I'm sure if you went to Amsterdam and saw ladies in windows with red lights setting the ambiance then you may not wanna walk down that street. However who are you to judge that if a man decides to visit said window and eventually him and that young lady do things "you" may find unacceptable, uncomfortable, unlawful, etc when the country finds it social acceptable? But hey i guess the age old adage from B.C. that stated "When in Rome do as the Romans do" is no longer valid because the privileged feel like Jamaicans should do as Americans do because you paid & you said so lol. Hey guys to each its own. I see alot of things in the world that i dont like or cause me discomfort, but considering its a free world i tend to adjust vs forcing someone to adapt to me....To each its own. I dont judge others as it is not my place and reporting other guests not intentionally harming me isnt my idea of a fun vacation. So if i need to move to be more comfortable i tend to take that option as "I" am the one that is in need of some type of adjustment and/or change.

    "Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen" -- Bob Marley

    "Live for yourself and you will live in vain. Live for others and you will live again" -- Bob Marley

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    Is the balcony a public space? (I'm not saying it isn't - I don't know - for mgmt to decide)

    And since you know the law so well - did you also know that couples is required by the law to post no smoking signs in all no smoking areas? They can get fined for this more than it would cost to lose a few guests.

    No signs on my balconies (cn and css) last August - only ashtrays. Simple fix in my mind.

    And by your interpretation one can legally stand 3 meters outside your 1st floor patio door smoking and you're ok with that because that's the law? - as long as its not on their balcony 3 flights up? My guess is no - See why its best to let couples handle each unique situation?

    My personal smell trigger is perfume - nothing i can do about that except move.

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    Yes I know what the law says and I brought up the sign a while back in this conversation. That should maybe tell you something.
    I have zero idea what you're trying to say with the 3 meters thing, and it's actually 5 meters but only from a "public place, workplace or public conveyance, seems like you're making my point. And to be clear I'm 100% fine with Couples making the rules, find where I said otherwise, I'll wait...
    I don't know the law regarding a room that I rented in Jamaica and that being a public place. One would think and hope that my patio at a hotel I'm staying at is NOT a public place but who knows, see the ambiguity.


    You're correct quotes, congrats. And I think you totally missed my point on the trigger. IF smoke was a trigger for me, first that would be awful, second I don't know that I would be able to continue to travel to Jamaica, so often in Jamaica I smell smoke and I would have a very hard time avoiding it both on and off the resort.

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    We were both at CSS and CSA last month-(July) and ashtrays were provided. When we were at CSS, there wasn't one on the porch initially but we asked housekeeper for one and the COUPLES staff gave us one. When we transferred to CSA, there was a ashtray on our table outside without having to ask for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowahawkeyes View Post
    If you don't know what someone means about smoking in "Jamaica" when it's in parenthesis this message board probably isn't going to help. ....
    I believe the punctuation in question is quotes. Scare quotes in particular (as in "so called"). The previous sentence is an example of parentheses (plural of parenthesis, btw), a type of bracket. In this case, as with most parenthetical use, it is meant as a further explanatory clause. The commas in the previous sentence are also parenthetical, but I digress ...

    The original poster maybe meant to use scare quotes around smoking, to indicate non-standard (i.e. non-cigarette) smoking, as I think we can all agree "Jamaica" means the island in the Caribbean and home to Couples resorts. There should be no confusion about what Jamaica meant. Perhaps the intent was to put emphasis on Jamaica (note the use of the phrase "of all places"). In that case, bold or boldface format is more common; though I've seen italics used as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby and Lisa View Post
    Officially, no smoking is allowed on the balcony. Greg, I appreciate and respect that your wife is a "considerate smoker," but ...
    An appropriate use of scare quotes, grammatically anyway (IMO).

    Quote Originally Posted by Iowahawkeyes View Post
    Bobby and Lisa,
    Yes you didn't say it ruined your vacation, you simply informed a smoker that "smoke drifts into the adjoining balconies and rooms, and LINGERS" and put considerate smokers in parenthesis. ...
    Quotes, not parenthesis, nor parentheses, per above. I believe that horse is dead. Shall the beating stop?

    As for the smoking on balcony law vs. policy topic, I'm too busy policing typography at the moment and haven't made it past page one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbcwp View Post
    Iowahawkeye, "Jamaica" was enclosed in quotes, not parenthesis. ...
    Nor parentheses. But, OK, it was (more or less) covered already.

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    The face-palm smiley should really be added for use in situations like these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowahawkeyes View Post
    ...seems like you're making my point.
    Actually, I was - didn't disagree with you at all - spot on in fact. I should have been more clear who I was responding to.

    Tbrooks330 - absolutely! My point all along has been that this is not for the people of this board to judge/decide - let the locals decide & respect their decisions...

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    WoW! As the original poster, I am amazed at what a simple question wrought...........

    We will go on the premise that the wife can smoke on the balcony and keep a wary eye out for any "offended" people....;-) ( see the "....was that the right way to use them?........) am I also rocking the ()????.....;-)

    Seriously, we are very excited about our 1st trip to Jamaica and, from all the reading in various places so far, I think we picked a winner! We have done Cuba, the DR, Antigua and Mexico every year for the last dozen or so..........

    Rudi--great work on the grammer, etc....I loathe reading forums with the wrong use/spelling of the most common words..... My pet peeve: why can't people get QUIET and QUITE sorted out? Or my favorite, LOSE and is probably used wrong more than 60% of the time!!!!! Then there is whether and weather, your and you're, etc....but I digress.......

    Hope to meet a bunch of nice people in Feb/Mar of 2018 and avoid the Philistines in the crowd.......

    Greg and Judy

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    rudi, I sent you an email today, did you get it? Glad to see you are still active here!

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    Glad we had a spirited convo and considering i am leaving CSA tomorrow and can confirm that smoking is permitted on balconies. Ashtrays were provided on every balcony and emptied daily. I have seen smokers of all varieties enjoying their stay and i have to be made uncomfortable by anyone cigarette smoke as i hate the chemical smell. Same goes for ganja which is decriminalized and is readily available from the moment you walk out of the airport until you arrive again. I heard not a single complaint and to the contrary the people here understood that they were travelling to a country that treats ganja as a medicinal/spiritual tool. Again for the complainers here simply talk to the people who will be providing you the wonderful service you will experience once on the resort premises. I think you may be more inclined to find a different destination if smoke bothers you vs just adapting to the lay of the land that you are visiting.

    "This entire topic is just a little situation. No worries, no problem. Respect ✊" ����

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    Hi G+P, Obviously I got it.
    "active" is relative I suppose.

    Aeso, that was probably more for my own amusement, but glad it didn't offend.

    IowaHawkeyes, add all the face-palm smiley you wish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    Nor parentheses. But, OK, it was (more or less) covered already.


    The original post used parenthesis, I understand the correct usage would have been parentheses.

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