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    Default CSA allowing drones on beach? Not so far...

    Had a first on the CSA main beach today. A guest couple is having fun flying their mid-sized drone up and down the beach, including over us out on the beach. Made a call to the front office, and they sent over a security guard to stop them. Needless to say the drone guy and his gal decided we were infringing on their right to play however they want. Security moved them along as that wasn't going to be a fruitful discussion. I'm sure my wife and I are going to be stars in their upcoming FB posts and drone replays.

    I think a no drone policy supports what CSA is offering in terms of a romantic setting for couples. I also hope that the security team will be allowed to respond without a guest complaint.

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    A few years back, there was a rather lively thread about this very topic on this board. It was initiated by a reserved guest who wanted to bring his machine with him to the resort. There weren't many folks that sided with him then, and at the risk of digging those old bones up, I would hope it would be the same today.

    Couples has, in the past, been asked for live webcams numerous times, and to their credit have made guest privacy and safety a priority when that topic comes up.

    They defaulted to similar reasoning as part of their policy on drones, along with the outpouring of negative comments that were made in that aforementioned post.

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    This topic was discussed at length awhile back. You'll hear both sides. My input for whatever it's worth is..NO DRONES!! It is an invasion of privacy & disrupts everything most of us are there for.. peace, relaxation & quality time with our loved one...Props to security for shutting them down!

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    This topic was discussed in length awhile back. You will hear arguments for both sides! My opinion for what it's worth is NO DRONES!! These things are an invasion of privacy & disrupt the reasons most of us are there for..peace, tranquility, relax & spend quality time with our loved one. Props to security for shutting it down!

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    It is good to hear that they shut it down. Drones are definitely not in keeping with the setting of Couples.

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    I remember something about rock throwing

    Life is good

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    Bring your Super Soaker Nerf gun. A friend staying at CSS had one come to their room balcony.

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    We had a drone at CSS one evening at sunset. It flew around the main beach area for a while. Didn't bother us (we were getting ready for dinner, or something like that). No one else complained or possibly didn't notice.

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    Couples own promotional video include drone shots.

    Just saying...

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    I own a DJI Mavic Pro drone with a 4K camera. I would love to get some very nice shots of the beach at CSA from 400'. But I have respect for the other guests. No drones.

    Life is good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iowahawkeyes View Post
    Couples own promotional video include drone shots.

    Just saying...
    They also include paid actors and staff that signed up to be included in recordings of themselves and have no reasonable expectation of privacy...

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    OH Boy! Loved this the first time, and again, I respect your opinions and rights to privacy, as to most drone enthusiasts and amateur photographers. BUT :

    If, in the Couples marketing videos, paid actors have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" on a public beach, does that mean that guests DO have that right ?
    If so , should cameras, cellphones, tablets , or any device capable of image capture also be banned?

    Almost any cellphone in the past 5 years is capable of recording sound and with significantly wider and variable focal lengths than any drone you may see.

    Again , I agree that drone operators should operate with respect and consideration of those around them.
    But do not cite your concerns of privacy as a reason for banning, with nary a mention of much more prevalent and significant threats to said privacy.

    I invite you to view the genera quality and subject matter of images and video captured by UAVs on YouTube and compare to the footage captured by mobile devices. People spend a lot of money on UAVs to capture images of nature from perspectives previously impossible.
    People use cell phone to capture anything, anyone at anytime as impulse strikes.

    Then think about the people walking up and down the shore, 20 feet or less away, or the stranger in the lounge next to, across the bar, at the piano lounge, disco, etc, etc, etc.. each and every one with a device capable of capturing CLOSE, high resolution photo and video.

    Your expectations of privacy vanished long ago and we are all complicit. And the threat didn't come from the sky, it came from your pocket.
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    I get what you are saying about privacy, and, 7 Mile Beach IS a public beach.....but is an AI resort section of beach public? I think it is not.
    In the example given for the beginning of this thread, the folks playing with their drone were asked to move along.....not even guests at CSA!
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    nothing like a drone flying around to set the romantic vibe

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    If a drone flies on the beach and nobody hears it does it make any noise?

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    Karl -- There is only one purpose for the drone, to take pictures. At least a cell phone has multiple purposes that happens to include audio/video recording. Further, the digital camera and phone are not disconnected from the user. With a drone the operator can be completely out of sight from target. There is still a right to privacy (projecting a little US rights onto Jamaica) on private land, though I realize there are some nuances to that as well.

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