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    Default New friends!!!!!

    My wife and i were lucky enough to get to know jan and lynn from wales prior to our recent trip to csa. Even though we live several thousand miles away we will always be close friends. The good times we shared will not be soon forgotten. This was our first trip to csa , but it will not be our last. We are planning a return trip in two years to share a cold drink and a warm smile. A full review will follow in the near future. Thank you tommywommy for introducing me to couples. I can truly now agree with the statement, once you go you know.

    Lp and little red

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    Default Ldp & Little Red

    I was so pleased to find the old message board before our first trip to CSA. Under a topic 6th - 13th June posted by Ldp. I got to meet several people going to CSA at the same time as my wife and I. I have always been the forward type and will always make myself known to people. My wife Jan on the other hand would simply sit on a beach for 2 weeks and only speak to people that spoke to her first. Jan was shocked that before holidays she would come home from work and I would be talking about different people I had met via the message board. There were a few that we never met up with but many have become friends for life.
    Jonnie & Paula, a young couple that live only 10 miles from us. We had never met until Couples message board. We finally met at the Couples lounge at the airport. We were together every day throughout the holiday. We were whitnesses at their wedding and went to their evening wedding party after our return.
    We are also lucky to have met Larry & Wanda from 10OC, Lenny and Janet from New Jersey, Becky & Gez & Colin & Lyn from UK. None of which we would have met without the message board.
    Its funny really, we all met by just leaving notes on Larrys message thread. There was no getting to know you as normally happens on holidays, it was though we were old friends meeting up again.
    Many people want a quiet holiday keeping themselves to themselves, but for those who like to meet people I would urge you to set up a message thread just like Larry. Add your dates of holiday and post a picture of yourselves. Get to know each other and meet and have a great time with new friends at Couples.
    In all these people we have found friends for life. Credit must go out to Mr Hugs AKA Tommywommy a friend of Larrys who got him to go to Couples and also join the message board.
    Larry it was a pleasure meeting you and Wanda I look forward to the reunion it cant come round quick enough.

    Until next time my friend,
    Lyn AKA ETF

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    we also were lucky enough to meet great friends through Couples over the years. In fact, next week we are travelling from Pennsylvania to Maine, to meet up with a bunch of our "Jamerican" friends! Can't wait!
    So-- see you next week, Steph & Steve, Mary & Dave and Rod & Sophanny!! And of course, Tyrone.
    And then less than 200 days til we meet up again, back home at CTI.

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