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    Just saw on YouTube a video of a new Cat. being delivered to Swept Away. What's the story?

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    A new scuba cat is now at Beachs. Same boat here. Diving's done for the day, I'll ask about it tomorrow.

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    I saw it anchored off the beach all week without moving so I asked about it. I was told isn't even registered yet so it isn't being used at this time. Not sure what they're planning on doing with it though.

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    They were offering a private cruise when we were there in May. They had a red hulled powerboat, IIRC. Maybe they will offer the same on this one?

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    Being a diver I was thinking dive Couple Negril just got a new one.

    Right it's a 2017 Seawind outfitted in their "resort" package. Very nice deck and tables.

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    I hope they didn't get rid of the 46' Newton and get this for the dive boat. Don't think it would be for Snarklin, maybe for the private cruise?? Hard to imagine that but... Any ideas or thoughts?

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    Definitely for private cruising. I heard someone requesting it yesterday, they were told it isn't ready yet, so they took them on the Lobsta. I think the new cat will be in high demand for sunset sails.

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    We saw it sitting out just past the swimming area at CSA all week last week. Nice boat. Looks to be perfect for private cruises. Not the "catamaran cruise" boat, way too small.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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