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    Default Please Tell Us About Construction

    We'll b headed back to CSA on 8-18 for two beautiful weeks. I've emailed people at the resort but nobody seems to answer my questions. I hope some of you will help out.
    We will be staying in the original premier beachfront suites. Can anyone tell me which ones they are working on? Is 1228 having anything done to it? Also what, if any,
    restaurants are closed. I'am sure CSA is just as beautiful as ever and can't wait to get there. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    I just recently posted a detailed update in the "construction at csa" thread. That is the current status as we're here now.

    As for premiers, there is only one building available at this time as it was renovated last summer. It is building 35 furthest to the north, nearest the palms which I believe contains the rooms you're after. All others are currently being renovated, although I cannot comment on if they will be done by the time you arrive.

    Safe travels, evra ting bi irie

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    I added to the construction thread too...your block is finished. None of the restaurants are fully closed, some are closed for 2 rather than 1 day a week, but that's typical for low season. Palms is back to mixed days of a la cart and buffet for those who didn't like all buffets. Water sports is unchanged and there are plenty of seats on the beach!

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    Thank you both for your updates. Can't wait for 8-18!

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