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    Default Whats new at CSA?

    Hi everyone! We are heading back to our favorite place on Earth (aka Swept Away) for the first time since Valentines Day 2013! I don't know how I have managed this long to be honest. HAHA! What has changed since then? Any new additions? I read that they were doing some updates and construction. Hopefully it won't be a complete mess when we are there but honestly I don't know that I would even care. The next two months are going to really drag on!

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    Our last visit prior to this year was a little earlier than yours, but the things I remember being different (all very minor stuff)
    1. added a traffic light at the road crossing
    2. mermaid statue next to sea grapes is gone
    3. no Guinness on property anymore
    4. Beach is WAAAAAAY bigger

    Everything else was pretty much how I remembered it, including Elvis, the "ciiiiigarettes" guy, and everything else.

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